LIVERMORE — At the North Livermore Baptist Church Feb. 6 service, the congregation was welcomed by Pastor Bonnie Higgins at 9:30 a.m. to begin the service. The Call to Worship was read and the Invocation/Lord’s Prayer was recited. The hymns that were sung was “Blessed Assurance”, “The Lord’s My Shepherd” and “Because He Lives”.

The service was concluded with a Communion Service. Linda Lyman is the organist each week. Lew Lyman leads the music for the congregation each week.

The sermon, titled “Don’t Put Your Trust in Man” and reading the scriptures from Psalm 118:5-9. Pastor Bonnie began saying that we put our trust in so many things, and then they fail us. There is only one that we can put full trust into and that is God. Psalm 118:8 is the center verse in the entire Bible and that verse tells us to trust in God. Trust in God is in the center of the Bible, it is the central theme that God wants us to believe in, to trust Him in all things.

As many things in our lives seem to bring us doubts and hardships, the center of God’s Word tells us to trust in Him, and to find the hope in Him. Man will disappoint us and betray us, God’s Word does not. Not only is the central theme in the Bible is trusting God, it also is the key to a successful life and to finding peace in this world.

When things start falling apart around us, we need to call out to God and trust Him to take care of everything. There is nothing He can’t do. As Christians, we need to let things go and let God be in control. Like the Carrie Underwood song, “Jesus take the Wheel”.

We need to let go of our lives and let God take control and let Him lead us. We cannot lead God anywhere, even when we think we are. God should be leading us and the only way that can happen is when we trust in Him completely.


Every time we limit God in our lives, we allow Satan to get in our lives. We restrict God from providing for us, healing us, restoring us, strengthening us, etc. We allow Satan to bring doubt in our minds that God can’t do the things He has promised us. If we trust in God, He will do all things through His Will for each of us. Our faith in God begins to weaken when we take our eyes off of God and onto this world. The trust seems to wane a bit when we don’t let God be God.

If trust is in the most central verse in the Bible, there is a reason it is there. God wants us to trust in Him. When we pray and we wait for God to answer our prayers and it seems like He has forgotten us, our trust in Him seems to deteriorate. God wants us to know that we can trust Him, because He is working His plan in our lives for the glory of Him and we need to wait upon Him and not think He doesn’t care about His children.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Trusting in God above ourselves is the key to happiness in our lives. We know that God wants the best for His children and we will have it, if we only trust in Him.

We need to remember to approach each day with confidence that God is always with us. The world, including Satan is always against us, but God is never away from us. We need to approach each day with courage, God tells us not to put fear in our lives. God never said that we wouldn’t suffer in this lifetime, He did say that He would never leave or forsake us.

We need to remember that no one can do anything to us than what God permits. The only thing man can do is to hurt our bodies, but not our souls, God has our souls. We need to approach each day with contentment. God has told us that this is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it. We need to be content, humbled by the works of God in our lives and be joyful in all we have because it is given to us by God, our Father. We need to approach each day with commitment to God.

Jesus died on a cross for us, we need to commit our lives to Him to show Him the love we have for Him and what He did for us. Jesus died and resurrected so we could have eternal life. We need to show our commitment to Him by telling others about Him and to live our lives that shine Jesus through all we do. We need to be committed to Him in faith.


We need to also approach each day with a conquest. Jesus conquered death in His resurrection and He defeated Satan in our lives as we became children of God as we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior. We too have conquered death through the blood of Jesus on the cross and we should live our lives like we have conquered death.

God made a way for each of us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Are you going to trust Him to take care of you?

Announcements listed in the bulletin was that the congregation will be collecting Canned Soup for the Food Pantry in the month of February. Bible Study begins at 1 p.m. every Tuesday. If there is snow on the roof, do not park by the side of the church.

The AA meetings are held on Friday nights at the church.

For information, check out our website at You can email the church at [email protected] Pastor Bonnie’s office hours are Monday and Tuesday’s from 9 a.m. to noon. When there is no school due to the weather, Pastor Bonnie will not be in the office and all events of that day will be cancelled.

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