AUGUSTA — University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Interim President and Provost Joseph Szakas announce the 2021 Full-Time President’s List for the Fall Semester:

Taylor Day, Turner; Riley Gray, Livermore Falls; Lydia Lee, Greene; Bill Longtin, Greene; Brooke Nadeau, Greene; Deborah Brown, Kents Hill; Natasha Clarke, Monmouth; Emily Cunningham, Winthrop; Jonathan Fink, Winthrop; Kendra Furber, Winthrop; Mason Glaude, Monmouth; Landen Huff, Winthrop; Sadie Irza, Monmouth; Krista Lee, North Monmouth; Victoria Littlefield, Readfield; Elizabeth Moulton, Monmouth; Audrey Palmer, Readfield; Leo Porter, Readfield; Sabrina Poulin, Readfield; Ness Woods.

To qualify for the full-time President’s List, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100-level or higher UMA coursework (exclusive of pass/fail courses); and maintain a semester grade point average in these courses of 3.8 or higher.

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