REGION — By virtue of a strong victory over The Hotel Rumford, 90-76, Smart Care PT not only won the game, but tied The Hotel for 1st place in the MV Rec Basketball League with 1 game remaining in the regular season. Both teams (9-2) split games this year, so if both win their next game, Smart Care, with the use of a tie breaker system point differential, would garner sole possession of the regular season top spot and a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Cody St Germain created a mismatch with his strong play from inside and out (39 points, 3 threes) for Smart Care. Ben Holmes added an additional 16, while Mateo Lapointe and Nate Schultz contributed 10 more each. The Hotel was led by Tom Danylik with 23 points (3 threes), while Will Sorensen and JT Taylor had 11 each.
Archies, Inc (9-3) finished their regular season, having next week’s bye. They beat Jay (1-10), 75-69. Owen Jones had a strong game with 27 points (7 threes), Kindle Bonsall had 22 points, Eric Berry 12 and Ryan Savage 10 (3 threes). Deon Cheers, Jr was top scorer for Jay with 17 points, Jake Turner had 13, while Dany Klukinski and Rydell Holmes supported with 11 each. The Thunder (3-8) drew this week’s bye.
Horace Mann and Cannatopia Runners are now 4-7 a piece this season, with the insurance sponsor being the head to head victor this week, 75-69. Jonah Sautter had 21 points (6 threes) as high scorer, Jake Bessey added 15, Logan Curtis 13 and Tyrese Joseph 11. The Runners top scorers were Eric Gemelli with 16 points, Juan Agarmonte 15 and Brandon Mitchell 12.

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