Minot residents vote Saturday on articles at the Minot Town Meeting held at the Minot Consolidated School. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

MINOT — A proposed municipal budget for 2022-23 of nearly $2 million was approved by 39 voters with little debate but with plenty of explanations at Saturday morning’s Town Meeting.

The amount represents an increase of 8% — $163,848 — from this current year’s budget.

During discussion on the Town Office Maintenance and Supplies budget line, resident George Buker said, “I don’t know how other people feel, but it’s getting tight, it’s not just taxes, it’s all the other things we have to pay … We ought to be very mindful of what we vote on.  We just can’t vote yes on everything.”

Matt Callahan, first-year member of the Board of Selectmen and former Budget Committee member, responded, “This (Select)board is very mindful of what the town will pay and what the resources the town has. This is a very consciousness budget that is put in front of you guys, and we’re trying very hard, but I’ll tell you everything is going up. … We’re very conscious of your wallet.”

Ramona Gould and Sharon Campbell, Minot election clerks, staff the ballot box Saturday at the Minot Town meeting as citizens vote by paper ballot for Article 15, to exceed the property tax levy. State law requires paper ballots in order to have an accurate count on certain articles. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Voters approved financing a new plow truck for up to $200,000 to replace the 16-year-old truck in service currently. It was noted delivery may take longer than usual due to current nationwide supply, demand and availability issues.

The increased cost to replace the 20-year-old self-contained breathing apparatus for the fire department and increasing the per diem cost for on-call firemen were also approved by town meeting members.


“It is unknown at this time what the impact to the mill rate will be given that the final values associated with the revaluation are not available at this time,” Town Administrator Danielle Loring told residents, “but there is also a 9% increase in county taxes and the RSU budget impact that will need to be considered at that time.”

The town’s Annual Report was dedicated to outgoing Selectmen Chair Stephen French, who served on the board since 2002.

French was also Minot’s fire chief from 1985 to 2011 and served on the Budget Committee and the Conservation Commission.

Gerard Bridgham was named this year’s recipient of Minot’s Spirit of America Award for his dedication and service to the Minot Historical Society and the Cemetery Committee.

Randall Greenwood moderates the Minot Town Meeting Saturday, guiding residents through votes on 54 articles. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

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