HEBRON — Students at Hebron Station School celebrated Pi Day on March 14 by tossing 120 pies at the faces of Principal Jamey Martin and former Principal D.J. Thorne.

The sweet mess raised $600 to help pay for a carnival at the end of the school year.

It was made all the sweeter after being canceled the past two years because of pandemic restrictions. Students and their families helped supply pies.

Hebron Station School student Matthew O’Connor smushes a pie in the face of Principal Jamey Martin at the Pi Day fundraiser March 14. Jamey Wetherell, left, waits his turn, while former Principal T.J. Thorne waits for another hit. Nicole Carter/Advertiser Democrat


“A pie fundraiser is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years,” Thorne said after taking pies to the face for 45 minutes. “But between COVID and Pi Day falling on a weekend … I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea.”


Usually they got pies from Valley View Orchard Pies and sold them at Thanksgiving to pay for the carnival.

Hebron Station School Principal Jamey Martin braces for a well-aimed pie on Pi Day, March 14, while former Principal D.J. Thorne struggles to see where his next hit might be coming from. Nicole Carter/Advertiser Democrat

Martin said when she took Thorne’s place last fall she had no idea she was signing up to have students push 58 pies in her face.

“He did say it was optional,” Martin said. “When he told me about this idea I said, ‘sure, I’m up for anything.'”

“A bad idea,” said Thorne, who took 62 pies.

Hebron Station School students approach Principal Jamey Martin, left, and former Principal D.J. Thorne with pies at a Pi Day fundraiser March 14. From left are Tempest LeClair, Tiana Seavey, Benjamin Bergman, Natalie Cayer and prekindergarten teacher Raquel Kangas. Nicole Carter/Advertiser Democrat

Elizabeth Wetherell, who made several pudding pies to throw at the principals, said her son, kindergartner Jamie Keenan, got four tosses in.

The school received a $5 donation for every pie thrown by a student, Martin said. Valley View Orchard Pies donated 136 mini blueberry ones for students and staff to eat.

“The kids loved it,” Martin said. “They had a great time. I had a great time.”

Asked if he plans to return for an encore next year, Thorne’s said, “I am making no commitment to that!”

“This is a partnership,” Martin added. “I don’t know if I could take all those pies myself.”

Hebron Station School Principal Jamey Martin, left, and former Principal D.J. Thorne smile after students smushed them with 120 pies on Pi Day, March 14. The mess was all in fun to raise money for the carnival at the end of the school year. Nicole Carter/Advertiser Democrat

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