To the Editor:

Governor Mills is standing up for the middle class and businesses when she uses the budget surplus to provide 850-dollar checks to about 800,000 Mainers.  The effect on Maine’s economy will be much more than that original 680-million-dollar boost, calculated using an economic multiplier effect model.

Governor Mills sends that 680 million dollars into the economy where the original recipients spend that money at Maine businesses. Then those businesses spend that money at other Maine businesses and presto, that 680 million dollars has been spent twice in the economy, for an economic boost of 1.36 billion. But! But! Our clever little Governor doesn’t stop there. Then that 680 billion dollars is spent again, and taxed again, for an economic expansion of over 2 billion dollars.

Governor Mills is a hero to middle class entrepreneurs. She’s saving Maine businesses one $850 check at a time!

Bob Jean


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