I support Bettyann Sheats as a Clean Election candidate for Maine Senate District 20.

As a longtime teacher of American history and economics I respect the Maine Clean Election Act, which severs the connection between private money and public office. Using the strict rules of the CEA, Clean Election candidates and Maine citizens avoid the dangers of dark money, self-funded campaigns by wealthy individuals, and perceived obligations to donors.

Bettyann Sheats is an intelligent, strong leader who utilizes her experience and training as a West Point graduate, her years as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and as a small business owner, to support efforts that affect the lives of citizens across the state and locally.

She respects every person’s perspective and works to find common ground and common sense solutions. I support her candidacy as a Clean Election candidate wholeheartedly. It is a perfect match for her integrity and character.

Joan Macri, Auburn

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