Coach: Tammy Tatlock (second year)
Class: D South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 12-6, lost in regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — McKenna Ridlon (C/IF), Alyssa Litchfield (OF/IF), Emily Carrasquillo (OF), Kayden Haylock (IF); Juniors — Emma Stevens-Belanger (P/OF), Abigail Prokey (C/IF); Sophomore — Addison Stevens-Belanger (OF).
Key losses: Cara Merrill (P), Cassidy Lowell (3B).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Beatriz Ferrigolli (OF); Freshmen — Carmen Crockett (P/IF), Amelia Hill (C/IF), Annabelle Thone (IF/OF), Cori Merrill (IF/OF), Cora Brewster (IF/OF), Kianna Finnegan (OF), Carley Coffman (OF).
Season outlook: The Bucks have a long-running competitive tradition that they look to continue as the younger players gain confidence as the season progresses and continue to build off of last year’s success. A dedicated and talented group of freshmen join the roster and should complement the upperclassmen. The Bucks are looking forward to playing a competitive schedule.

Coach: Tanya Perreault (second year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 8-10, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning players: Seniors — Alyvia Perreault (SS), Abby Stevens (3B); Juniors — Grace Robbins (P), Kallie Errington (C), Alivia Ellis (1B), Emma MacFarlane (2B); Sophomores — Jaycie Holmquist (OF/P), Mia Burgess (2B).
Key losses: Alexa Perreault, Kailey Hackett, Allie Dyke.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Emily Woods, Hannah Hamner, Layla Merrill, Alyssa Ellis, Alyssa McLean, Madeline Huggins, Skylar O’Connor.
Season outlook: The Cougars are hoping to be competitive this season. They return most of the infield and have some strong underclassmen to fill holes in the outfield. A group of upperclassmen is expected to lead the squad offensively.

Coach: Elaine Derosby (18th season)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
2021 results: 7-10, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Senior — Madison Emmert (IF/OF); Juniors — Erin Cowie (IF/OF), Madisyn Scott (P/3B/1B), Amanda Raymond (IF); Sophomores — Izzy Jalbert (C/1B), Leah Thibodeau (OF/P), McKenzie Emmert (OF).
Key losses: Allie Annear, Emily Barnhart, Courtney Larson, Emily Maines, Emma Samson, Hannah Smith.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Julia Bilodeau (OF); Sophomores — Tiana Avila (IF/C), Emily Horton (1B/3B); Freshmen — Alexis Kelsea (OF), Kassidy Lobb (IF/P).
Season outlook: The Eddies will build off of the growth they showed in 2021. A large number of players on the roster can play multiple positions, which will allow for flexibility in the lineup.

Coach: Darcey Gardiner (third year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
2021 results: 14-5, lost in regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Morgan Curtis (C/UTL), Anna Gilbert (P/1B/UTL); Juniors — Heather Nevells (UTL), Skye Chandler (3B); Sophomore — Maisie Lerette (SS/P/UTL).
Key losses: Madi Pelletier, Amelia Cobb.
Season outlook: The Patriots feature a strong core group returning to the lineup. Defense will be important to their success.

Coach: Kevin Leonard (eighth year)
Class: B South; Conference: KVAC
2021 results: 7-9, lost in preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Senior — Sarah Perkins (C); Juniors — Lily Chabot (OF), Sam Withee (3B); Sophomores — Sam DeBlois (P/IF), Nola Boutaugh (SS), Maddie Dutil (P/OF), Abbie Albert (P/INF), Emily Poland (C).
Key loss: Bailey Lane.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Hailey Turcotte (P), Abbie Simpson (OF).
Season outlook: The Hornets are optimistic about the upcoming season and will look to their big bats and strong defense to make things interesting this season.

Coach: Ryan Cormier (fourth year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
2021 results: 12-6, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Brooklyn Mynahan, Morgan Brown, Isabella Miller, Charlotte Cloutier, Ahna Dostie, Sage Cormier, Katie Laslie, Jillian Freeman, Makenzie Anderson; Junior — Elissa Nadeau.
Key losses: Gemma Landry, Skylar Gelinas, Abby Chartier, Isabelle Cormier.
Promising Newcomers: Junior — Melanie Bealieu; Sophomores — Aubrey Peer, Madison Anderson; Freshman — Ava Dionne.
Season outlook: The Blue Devils look to build off of last year’s success, which included making the playoffs and winning in the preliminary round. With nine seniors on varsity, experience will help guide the team through the season.


Coach: Nikki Delcourt-Austin (second year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 3-9, lost in the preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Senior — Erica Hill (P/1B/2B); Juniors — Maria Levesque (3B), Emily Libby (UTL); Sophomores — Elle Burkhardt (2B/3B/OF), Marina Davis (OF), Alivia Field (OF), Sophie Malloy (1B/P/OF).
Key losses: Elle Picard (C), Reese St. Amant (2B), Emma Skolfield (SS).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Mikayla Cleaves (UTL); Freshmen — Delaney McGrath (C), Brook Norman (SS), Avia Russo (2B/OF), Mackenzie Theriault (OF), Emma Funk (OF).
Season outlook: With seven returning starters and the addition of four solid freshmen players, Lisbon softball is ready to face the challenges of the upcoming season. Senior pitcher Erica Hill — who will be paired with skilled freshman catcher Delaney McGrath — will prove to be a force both on the mound and behind the plate. Hill will be supported defensively by a solid and experienced infield, and an improved outfield.

Coach: Dave Kaplan, Steve Kaplan (assistant)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 15-4, lost to Madison in regional semifinals.
Returning players: Seniors — Katie Laliberte, Taylor Truman, Mara Poulin, Casey Kaplan; Juniors — Grace Levesque, Brooklyn Federico; Sophomores — June Foyt, Madi Herr.
Key losses: Abby Flanagan, Erin Gosselin, Emma Johnson, Brooke Rooney.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Rileigh Chase, Shanna Parsons, Isabella Lyons.
Season outlook: The Mustangs will again be solid on the mound, with veteran righty Brooklyn Federico and freshman lefty Shanna Parsons. They’ll be backed by a veteran infield. Key to Monmouth’s success will be contributions from its freshmen.

Coach: Garry Dolloff (20 years), Abby Mazza (assistant; second year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 9-7; lost in preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Autumn Freemen (SS), Haley Coulombe (1B); Junior — Emma Clukey (3B); Sophomores — Mallorie Bourret (2B), Brooke Brown (C), Ali Legere (P), Brooke Bennett (CF), Maisy Chase (P/1B), Lanee Boucher (P/2B), Vivian Fournier (3B), Sam Briggs (1B), Lily Bernard (OF).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Meredith Prescott; Juniors — Kylie Robin, Ciarra Cooper, Khloe Pelletier, Ali Mazza, Lacy Boucher.
Season outlook: The Falcons want to show improvement and go further in the playoffs — and have fun.

Coach: Bridget Blood (sixth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 1-15, lost in preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Senior — Haley Bate (C/OF); Juniors —Abi Wilcox (CF/SS), Liv Roderick(IF); Sophomores — Adrianna Stinchfield (P), Aiyana Savage (3B); Freshman — Savannah Davis (2B).
Key loss: Brecken Sargent.
Promising newcomers: Teresa Fast (C), Tilyana Cooper (IF).
Outlook: The Roadrunners, with newcomers in key roles, are hoping to be competitive and to build for the coming years.

Coach: Ron Smith (seventh year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
2021 results: 8-8, lost in preliminary round.
Returning players: Seniors — Eva Stevens (IF), Lexi Belanger (IF), Daisy Quinn (IF), Katy Ladd (IF/OF), Natalie Howard (OF); Juniors — KK Daggett (IF/P), Alyssa Simoneau (P/UTL), Caitlin Burke (C/IF); Sophomores — Abbey Goodspeed (OF), Katie Yeaton(C/OF).
Key loss: Makayla Gross (P).
Promising newcomers: Maddie Cote (IF), Anna Brackett (P/UTL), Sadie Irish (UTL).
Season outlook: The Cougars’ goal is to improve every game and play up to the level they are capable of this season.

Coaches: Don Theriault, Ric Gonya
Class: C; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 4-12, lost in preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Aymera Denis (P), Maddie Drew (SS); Juniors — Kelsey Young (P), Mia Valliere (P); Sophomores — Abrey McElhaney (C), Sierre Lane (CF).
Key losses: Adelle Surette, Natliegh Moody, Peighton Theriualt.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Madison Castonguay (OF); Freshmen — Carly Austin (P/IF), Eli Smith (OF).
Season outlook: Losing only three players to graduate means many young, experienced players are back in the fold. The Raiders are fortunate to have a big group of talented freshmen, which helps the JV program continue to grow. Pitching and defense will be the Raiders’ strongest assets this season.


Coach: Cindy Goddard (32 years)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
2021 results: 15-3, lost in the regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Trinity Bernard (SS), Bella DeVivo (OF), Chloe Estes (1B), Elizabeth Dieterich (IF); Juniors — Miah Gallan (OF), Kaydence Morse (OF); Sophomore — Maddy Miller (P).
Promising newcomer: Gigi DeViVo (2B).
Season outlook: The Vikings are young in some key positions. They will have to play excellent defense and on offense will need to manufacture runs. Their goal is to bring it all together to be at their strongest at the end of the season.

Katrina Seeley (sixth year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
2021 results: 10-5, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Gagne (3B), Gabbi Bolduc (2B/OF), Emma Bunyea (OF), Atlantis Martin (P/1B); Junior — Maggie McGlauflin (OF); Sophomores — Gretchyn Paradis (P/OF/3B), Khloe O’Leary (SS), Sydney Lacombe (1B/OF).
Key loss: Kaylin O’Leary (C).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Emma-D Martin (3B/1B); Freshman — Olivia Rioux (C).
Season outlook: The Knights are determined to be competitive as well as have an enjoyable season.

Coach: Kate Quimby (first year)
Class: D South; Conference: EWC
2021 results: 6-8, lost on preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Bristol Quimby (C/3B), Winnie LaRochelle (SS/P), Emily Eastlack (2B), Isa Whittier (C); Sophomore — Breezy Quimby (P/SS).
Promising newcomers: Mya Laliberte (1B), Ella Shaffer (LF/3B).
Season outlook: This will be the second year of varsity competition for Rangeley’s seniors due to not having a coach in 2019 and COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of spring sports in 2020. The Lakers are not a young team but are relatively inexperienced. The team is focusing on the fundamentals of the game in preparation for the season.

Lisa Dube (third season)
C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 3-11, lost in preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Senior — Summer Chretien (2B/CF); Junior — Emma Towers (C); Sophomores — Leah Burgess (SS), Jaydn Pingree (P/CF), Jazmine Pingree (3B), Makinlee Holt (1B/OF), Tyoaka Hodgkin (OF/C), Emily Bowie (OF).
Key losses: Hannah Turcotte, Abby Ortiz.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Ayeria Dougher (UTL); Freshmen — Samantha Martin (2B/CF), Tateum Leclerc (C/OF), Mallory Clart (1B/P).
Season outlook: The Phoenix’s season will not be defined not by wins and losses but by improving and growing as a team. With a roster of 17 players that includes eight freshman, Spruce is in a transition that will take some time.

Coach: Scott Berube (first year)
Class: D South; Conference: WMC
2021 results: 8-10, lost in regional final.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kathleen Dean (P), Bella Perryman (IF), Sydney Dick (UTL), Bendedicte Yombe (UTL), Kyla Wallace (OF), Izzy McMillen (OF), Isabella Webster (UTL), Pilar Hewey (UTL); Juniors — Ava Apodaca (UTL), Natalie Reed (OF).
Key loss: Lucy Frenette.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Emily Andrews (P/UTL), Kassidy Cote (IF/UTL).
Season outlook: The Saints this season will be led by a solid group of seniors who helped the team reach the D South final in 2021. The players are working hard, in the classroom and on the field, and are looking forward to a fun-filled season and to earning their way back to regionals.

Coach: Scott White (second year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 9-8, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Natasha Mason (P/OF), Katie Evans (1B/OF), Macie Hallett (IF/OF), Leah Kimball (2B/OF); Juniors — Olivia Seames (IF/OF), Payton Berry (SS/1B); Sophomores — Makenzie Eliot (C/P/IF), Sarah Chase (3B/2B/OF), Morgan Zetts (C/3B/1B/OF), Karen Marshall (IF/OF), Madison Gingras (OF).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Maggie Black (3B/OF); Freshmen — Maylan Hastings (P/C/IF), Kailey Thorpe (IF/OF), Rylee Cooper (IF/OF), Hayley Smith (OF).
Season outlook: With the help of another year of experience and the infusion of five new players, the Rebels want to improve on last season’s record in the competitive MVC.

Coach: Chuck Gurney (eighth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
2021 results: 9-7, lost in regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Lydia Rice (C), Maddie Perkins (SS); Juniors — Lauryn Wood (P/1B), Kaitlyn Whitney (OF), Julia Letourneau (OF), Bella Littler (3B/P/OF); Sophomore — Haley Williams (3B/OF).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Riley Fyfe (OF), Annabell Blais (1B), Ella Rice (OF/C), Charlotte Tyler (OF), Annabeth Murphy (2B).
Season outlook: All-conference players Lydia Rice, Maddie Perkins, Bella Littler and Lauryn Wood highlight a solid nucleus of returning players. With plenty of speed at the top of the lineup and power in the middle, the Ramblers are hoping for an exciting season.

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