Coach: Annette Caldwell (seventh year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cameron Durgin, Olivia Buswell; Junior — Jocelynn Vandeymark; Sophomores — Justin Lucas, Nolan Keene, Brady Trenoweth, Mya Austin.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Zach Shields, Giulia Battistella; Juniors — Zeppelin Holt, Roger Keough; Sophomores — Dylan Bickford, Emily Tilton, Lillian Sharples, Nolan Breton; Freshmen — Brittany Carrier, Cayden Durgin, Kai Trenoweth, Kakoa Laliberte.
Key losses: Elijah Chase, Jared Lucas, Kylie Carrier, Caleb Hill.
Season outlook: Buckfield’s turnout has increased from 16 last year to 32 this spring. The Bucks have good athletes across the board, though many of them are new to track this spring. “We are excited to see what we can accomplish this season,” coach Annette Caldwell said.

Coach: Dave Buck (third year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Fourth in MVC South; Girls: Third in MVC South.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Logan Morris, Megan Fletcher; Juniors — Bryan Beaucage, Thaden Hill, RJ Surprenant, Jayce Brophy, Abbey Therriault, Savannah Williams; Sophomores — Sam Benson.
Key losses: Spencer Jacques, Chase Nelson, Blaine Wilkins, Arianna Boulanger.
Promising newcomers: Bode Gray, Anders Johnson, Shawn Noyes, Andrew Wisecup, Megan Spaulding, Amaya Libby.
Season outlook: Dirigo has depth in the throws this season, including Megan Fletcher, who won the shot put and finished in second in the javelin and discus at the MVC South championship meet. Coach Dave Buck said he hopes to the Cougars develop more balance as the season progresses. “The attitude is good, and though the teams are small, they hope to make their presence felt in the MVC,” Buck said.

Coach: Rebecca Hefty (seventh year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Girls: KVAC champion, fifth at Class A state meet; Boys: KVAC champion, second at Class A state meet.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gianna Boulet, Lucy DeRoche, Natalie Garcia, Sophia Hartley, Princess Monday, Ana Moreno, Paul Dimitri, Simon Hall, Weston Hartley, Simon Hall, Will Sampson, John Shea, Hamza Sheikh; Juniors — Dru Hyndman, Tudum Monday, Elijah Morgan, Owen Vincent, Payton Bell, Gabby Brezovsky, Nevi Fogg, Izzy Langelier, Gloria San Pedro, Lily Watkins, Breya Whitman; Sophomores — Ben Condit, Ellis Slover, Gavin Theriault, Clay Trafton, Emily Bell, Makenna Drouin, Katharine Garcia, Saphryn Humason-Fulgham, Micha Joler, Marin Peck, Yolly San Pedro, Casey Smith.
Key losses: Ella Boucher, Addie Dostie, Emma Hefty, Lindy Hyndman, Faith Small, Tatumn Tripp, Lilly Vincent, Johanna Corey, Marley Powers.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Eli St. Laurent; Freshmen — Layla Facchiano, Leilani Mitchell, Lylah Archambault, Fatuma Awil, Kandace Bowden-Fuller, Gavin Anderson, Jordan Baril, Eli Fogg, Dominic Harris, Declan Howe, Joe LeBlanc, Colby Smith, Quinn St. Peter Scott, Kai Thistle.
Season outlook: The Edward Little girls won their fifth KVAC title in a row last year and are confident they defend their title. Makenna Drouin placed in the 60-meter dash at the New England indoor track and field championship and looks to again be a top sprinter and hurdler in Class A. The boys team is also looking to defend a KVAC title this spring, and Tudum Monday is seeking to contend again in both hurdle events this spring after a big sophomore season.

Coach: Todd Mercer (18th year), Mike Griffin (seventh year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: fourth in WMC large division; Girls: fourth in WMC large division, fifth in Class B.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Grace Begin, Jessica MacDonald, Nico Curio, Tyler Daye, Jack Dietch, Wyatt Fessler, Colin Harris, Cam Landry, Seb Leighton, Eli Libby, Max MacCallum, Ryland Moore, Brent Thomes, Remington Tripp; Juniors — Lorenza Piper, Vanessa Dehart, Lexi Hutchings, Emma Hutching, Haley Lang, Stella Libby, Lily Terry, Leo Anketell, Joe Burgess, Alex Strattard, Nick Levier; Sophomores — Sarah Patriquin, Abi Peaslee, Kylie Thibodeau, Trevor Amos, Ben Cobb, Preston Gerry, Carter Libby, Tony Reiling, Phil Soule.
Key losses: Tyler Amos, Zoe Barnes, Sarah Fecteau, Maddie Soule, Cassidy Plummer.
Promising newcomers: Laney Farrar, Madi Fecteau, Elli Nendza, Annie Reynolds, Libby Whidden, Anna Wilson.
Season outlook: The Patriots have depth spread out over many events. Lorenza Piper should again be a top thrower in Class B, and coach Mike Griffin said Jack Deitch, Colin Harris and Eli Libby are athletes to watch in the jumps and throws. “Our strong sophomore class and a young athletic group of freshmen will help GNG track stay strong this season, as well as in the years to come,” Griffin said.

Coaches: Jamie Juntura, Will Parkin, Jen Perron, Isaiah Davis
Class: B; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: KVAC Medium/Small champions; Girls: KVAC Medium/Small champions.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Molly Sirois, Katie Blouin, Kaylee Bellmoore, Ella Johnson, Robert Oliver, Manny Driscoll, Degan Jordan, Jack Boutaugh, Josh Chretien, Hunter Hayes, Tevor Poirier, Reeve Twitchell, Jacob Wilcox, Jonathan Schomaker; Juniors — Hannah Milliken, Emma Couturier, Iris Petrin, Logan Ouellette, Dayton Calder; Sophomores — Abby Marston, Lindsay Bates, Serae Fish, Olivia Doyon, Rakia Pierre, Drake Bartley, Gabe Durazo, Dominick Toscano, Cole Johanson, Logan Berube, David Rouse, Max Thibeault, Spencer Wright, Noah Brisson, Mason Higgins, Gavin Holbrook, Matt Ramenter, Mason Twitchell.
Key losses: Margo Kenyon, Kayleigh Gilbert, Libby McIntyre, Jaidyn Negley, Ellery MacGregor, Tommy Casey, Ethan Weston, Blaine Clark, Reed Johanson.
Promising newcomers: Ben Sirois, Blaine Shaw, Carlie Leavitt, Stephen Pierre, Heather Mousseau, Jade Haylock, Gwendolyn Scherrer, Garrett Gaudin, Austin Gates, Molly Sealy, Alicia Bergeron, Aiden Turcotte, Chase Webster, Kavon Graham-Jones, Landon Myers, Katie Sirois, Abby Sirois, Olivea Miller.
Season outlook: The Hornets return many athletes from last spring’s KVAC Small/Medium School championships, and add more who coach Jamie Juntura said can contribute to this year’s success. “The kids on this team are ready to work hard and are hungry for success at both the conference and state level,” Juntura said. “Event-wise, we are very diverse. Leavitt should be able to find some points in every event. Expect to see big things across the spectrum from Leavitt this season.” Kaylee Bellmoore, Jack Boutaugh, Serae Fish and Manny Driscoll will be some of the top athletes to watch this season for the Hornets.

Coach: Steve Virgilio (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: Boys: Third in KVAC; Girls: Second in KVAC.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Lexi Freeman (hurdles, vault, relays, race walk); Amelia Wedderburn (sprints, jumps, relays), Abdirizak Abukar (sprints, relays), Josh Brito (sprints, relays), Levy-Prince Likibi (jumps, sprints, relays), Jabreel Muhammad-Aceto (hurdles, jumps, throws), Wayne Shaw (throws); Juniors — Audrey Bilodeau (hurdles, sprints, relays), Feysal Abdirahaman (mid-distance, relays), Adam Bilodeau (mid-distance, relays), Nio Fatone (mid-distance, relays), Farid Muhammad-Aceto (sprints, relays, throws); Sophomore — Zawadi Debola (mid-distance, relays, race walk).
Key losses: Alem Vassell, Sydney Roy.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Igor Domingues, Raimundo Lubota, Ari Santana, Aydrianna Bowman, Josianna Spearman; Junior — Danny Zhang; Sophomore — Gabriella Roman; Freshmen — Ahmed Abdirahaman, Heliclenio Dozolo, Ryker Paradis, Marissa Beaulieu, Addison Bilodeau, Jenni Flynn.
Season outlookThe boys team has a title on its mind after a close runner-up finish at the Class A indoor state meet. Abdirizak Abukar, the Sun Journal’s Indoor Track and Field Athlete of the Year, will lead the team in the sprints and relays, while Jabreel Muhammad-Aceto, Prince Likibi and Raimundo Lubota all will be top point getters this spring. For the girls team, the Sun Journal’s Indoor Track and Field Athlete of the Year, Amelia Wedderburn, will be a top contender in the sprints and jumps in Class A. Aydrianna Bowman should earn points in multiple events, as well.


Coach: Nicole Sautter (first season)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: MVC champion, fifth in Class C; Girls: MVC champion, Class C state champion.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gabby Chessie, Lexie Finn, Amelia Mooney, Madyson Ramsey, Hunter Burhardt, Darien Davis, Bryce Mitchell; Juniors — Kayla Cooper, Kiana Goldberg, Aylin Noble-Ramirez, Loreesa Potvin, Landon deWildt, Gavin Grenier, Chase Mailhot, Ethayn Roberts, Payden Ventry; Sophomores — Sarah Moore, Emily Westland, Owen Booker, Emmett Mooney.
Key losses: Adrian Blake, Destiney Deschaines, Sarah Haggerty, Naomi Obenhaus, Mackenna Poisson, Emma Willey.
Promising newcomers: Alexia Barnes, Addy Burkhardt, Sydney Crosskill, Ryleigh Davis, Olivia Kuietauskas, Morgan Poulin, Makayla Warren, Spencer Baldwin, Wade Black, Demetrius Clark, Ernie DeBiasio-Thibeault, Damian Drake, Josh Gosselin, Adam Hayes, Caleb Hayes, Nicholas Kay, Aiden Laviolette, Joey Ligouri, Caden Morales, Wyatt Perron, DeSean Trufant, Hayden Versey, Keenan Owebo-Welker.
Season outlook: Nicole Sautter takes over for long-time coach Dean Hall and will try to help the girls team defend its conference and state titles. Gabby Chessie will look to contend in the triple jump and 200-meter dash after finishing as the runner-up in both events at the state meet last year. Kiana Goldberg, Kayla Cooper and Sarah Moore also should be top points getters in Class C, as well. On the boys team, Hunter Burkhardt is one of the top returning distance runners in Class C, while Emmett Mooney is a top hurdler.

Coaches: Tom Menendez (16th year), Norm Thombs (15th year), Molly Menice (eighth year), Dickson McCannel (13th year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Girls: First in MVC, seventh in state meet; Boys: Third in MVC, eighth in state meet.
Returning athletes: Alexa Allen, Allyson Lewis, Mackenzie Grant, Megan Ham, Holly Hunt, Hope Zuis, Brosnan Comeau, Trevor Bauer, Tristan Bauer, Ethan Nagle.
Key losses: Jared Martin, T.J. Lewis, Chloe Dwinal, Mya Sirois, Amaya Bauer, Alicen Burnham.
Promising newcomers: Abby Atwood, Averi Beaudoin, Megan Blasius.
Season outlook: Alexa Allen, Brosnan Comeau and Allyson Lewis hope to build off big cross country seasons and have more success this spring for the Mustangs, who have a smaller team than usual this spring. “Everyone will be expected to train hard and step up their performances as the season progresses,” coach Tom Menendez said.

Coach: James Danala (ninth year), Brandy Tanner (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: Boys: First in MVC; Girls: Sixth in MVC.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Kidd, Cameron Walters, Angelo Gerardi; Juniors — Charlotte Mitchell, Savina Sherwood, Willow Norton, Lily Day, Jeffrey Warnock, Aden Richard, Lyle Hering, Nick Rush, Kenny Tozier.
Key losses: Julia Wells, Cade Tooker, Ethan Cockerham, Alice MacKay, Patrick Storer, Andrew Wood, Clara Logan, Matthew Mitchell, Konor Dyer, Camryn Wahl.
Season outlook: Cameron Walters returns for Mt. Abram after winning both hurdle events at the MVC North championship meet to help the boys team defend its MVC North championship. On the girls side, Julia Wells should be a top distance runner in the conference.

Coach: Kelley Cullenberg (30th year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: Boys: Sixth at the Large School KVAC championships; Girls: Sixth at the Large School KVAC championships.
Returning athletes: SeniorsAbbie Cramer, Brynne Robbins, Tomas Cundick, Sam Goodspeed, Alex Hardy, Henry Hilton, Evan Wilcox; Juniors — Moriah Reusch, Alex Mayhew, William Mayhew, Seth Pinkham; Sophomore — Tameeka Blauvelt.
Key losses: DJ Maberry, Abby Hatch, Grace Willingham.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Hali Swiney; Juniors — Anna Montoya, Cyrus Evans, Cowen Young, Kodi Quimby; Sophomores — Hunter Beach, Alvaro Izquierdo, Kellsie Buzzell, Megan Couture, Autumn Hensley, Kalley Starbird; Freshmen — Craig Bessey, Ben Hilton, Grayson Hoeft, Henri McCourt, Reece Adams, Anglee Brewer, Addie Colello, Cassidy Hardy, Nora McCourt, Natalee Orr, Africa Serrano, Brielle Tinker, Heavenly Vernesoni.
Season outlook: Two-thirds of Mt. Blue’s athletes this spring are new to the team, but coach Kelley Cullenberg is excited to have a bigger team than last year and is happy with the athletes’ attitudes heading into the season. Cyrus Evans is looking to build off a successful cross country season, while Ben Hilton will look to build off what Cullenberg said was a strong middle school career in the sprints and hurdles. On the girls team, Cassidy Hardy should have a strong season in the throws and the middle-distance events.

Coach: Adam Curato, JT Taylor
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Girls: Second in MVC South; Boys: Second in MVC South.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Tresdon Mills, Logan Cote; Juniors — Rob Leveillee, Tyler Skillings; Sophomores — Maing Tang, Andrew Crews, Jyrrmal Yates, Aiden Granados, Justice Gendron (throws, jumps), Brooke Buotte (sprints, relays), Ciara Abbot (sprints, relays), Brooke Chase (jumps, hurdles, relays), Kara Jasud (throws, sprints, relays, jumps, hurdles), Emma Koch (throws, sprints, relays, jumps).
Key losses: Riley Bedard, Sophie Ladd, Meadow Wind, Sarah-Jane Koch.
Promising newcomers: Gabe Winson, David Packard, Emmett Logsdon, Ethan McAtee, Michael Chase, Drake Knox, Tanner Banaciski, Maddy Dow (throws, sprints), Tessa LeClerc (sprints, jumps), Kaitlin Koch (sprints, jumps), Felicity-love Hoyt (jumps, mid-distance), Hanna Crews ( sprints, throws).
Season outlook: Both boys and girls teams placed second at the MVC South championship meet. The girls team has a lot of experienced returners, while boys coach JT Taylor said the boys team is the biggest it’s been in a long time but “extremely young.” The girls are optimistic about their relay teams, while jumper Rob Leveillee will be a bright spot on the boys squad. Taylor said the MVC titles are up for grabs. “It could be anyone that sneaks in this year, like Mt. Abram did a few years back,” he said. “It should be an interesting year.”

Coach: Nate Danforth (22nd year), Luc Roy (16th year)
Class: A; Conference: KVAC
Returning athletes: Seniors —Naomi Lefebvre, Brooklyn Alexander, Ashley Campbell, Kamryn Grover, Jasmine Hayer, Brodi Rice, Nick Plamondon, Trevor Ward; Juniors — Ashley Richardson, Sierra Carson, Caroline Sheets, Lillian Runs After, Skyler Truman, Lincoln Merrill, Camden Colby, Trey Morrison; Sophomores — Lily Brassley, Willow Adler, Cody Roy, Issac Roy.
Key losses: Atticus Soehren, Arron Card, Keegan Watson, Daniel Paine.
Promising newcomers: Grey Vanderwood, Tanner Bickford, Teigan Pelletier, Holden Shaw, Ben Palmer, Lucas Hutchinson, Kylie Danforth, Makenzie Grenier, Molly Corbett, Ella Pelletier, Adelaide Harthorne, Meredith Harthorne, Kalli Johnson, Natalie Gray, Eleanor Nareff, Maddy Stack.
Season outlook: Oxford Hills has good depth on both the boys and girls teams this season. Brooklyn Alexander will be a top jumper for the Vikings, while Nick Plamondon should be a top sprinter in Class A. 


Coaches: Bonnie Robbins (fourth year), Laurie Gaudreau (third year)
Class: B; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: Boys: WMC Division II champion; Girls WMC Division II champion.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Domenic Antonelli, Anna Brettler, Tory Davis, Riley Day, Lucas Frechette, Octavia Herrick, Thomas Marchesseault, Ellen Marquis-Boutin, Izabella Martin, Arianna Miller, Evelyn Miller, Tyler Robbins, Trinity Sands, Thomas Tarantino, Emma Turkington, Jake Twigg, Christian Vachon, Emma Williams; Juniors — Ava Anderson, Hunter Brackett, Alexis Corriveau, Nick Garry, Nolan Garry, Justice Lemont, Giovanni Warren; Sophomores — Brayden Davis, Kiley Drake, Abby Hamilton-Borkowski, Tihan Jones, Dodge Lafrinea, Cadyn Langlois, Cassidy Lessard, Jonathan McNally, Alerick Sands, Danielle Warren, Aiden Webb, Alerick Sands.
Promising newcomers: Olivia Austin, Brianna Corriveau, Autumn Demelia, Arianna Gammon, Jason Garneau, Rebecca Griffith, Isabella Laird, Hope Lemont, Terralyn Magofna, Connor Neal, Anthony Warren.
Season outlook: Optimism is high for the Knights this spring. “Many athletes are returning from a successful indoor season, and the energy and focus for continuing that streak outdoors is at an all-time high,” coach Laurie Gaudreau said. Nick and Bolan Garry and Ellen Marquis-Boutin should be among the top athletes in the Western Maine Conference.

Coach: Tyler Shennett (third year)
Class: C; Conference: WMC
Returning athletes: Senior — Sydney Dick; Juniors — Matt Homan, Mateus Campos, Ethan Berube, Colby Levasseur, Chloe Whited, Abigail Mitchell, Laura Wong; Sophomores — Lauren Hanlon, Anna Geyer-Shaheen, Gianna Errico.
Key losses: Liam Levasseur, Owen Mitchell, Sarah Brown.
Promising newcomers: Jack Gilpatrick, Jonathan Tangilamesu, Jack Brocke, Auguste Langlois, Phoenix Jalbert, Jordynn Bilodeau, Aidan Walling, Brookelyn Whited.
Season outlook: St. Dom’s is building for the future with what is a young team that includes only one senior and six juniors. St. Dom’s will travel to Edward Little twice a week to practice in the throwing and jumping pits. Throwing, sprinting and jumping events will be where the Saints are heavily represented in each meet. 

Coaches: Dave Leclerc (21st year), Kat Miracle (first year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: seventh in MVC South; Girls: fourth in MVC South.
Returning athletes: Senior — E.B. Hoff; Sophomore — Mae Hoff.
Promising newcomers: Jordan Berry, Colby Tyler.
Season Outlook: Telstar brings back only two athletes from last season but adds 13 freshmen this spring. E.B. and Mae Hoff “will provide a solid nucleus for our distance runners,” coach Dave Leclerc said. Leclerc said the freshmen are taking in information quickly and that Jordan Berry should be a solid thrower.

Coaches: Ed Van Tassel (13th year), Cam Fecteau (seventh year), Tiff Shaw (third year)
Class: C; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Boys: Third in MVC North; Girls: Second in MVC North.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Averie Silva, Eleanor Folsom, Autumn Gerry, Patrick Bellemare; Juniors — Iker Penniman, Kyle Dionne, Jakob Barrows; Sophomores — Teddy Wagner, Chris Pottle, Eben Michaud.
Key losses: James Cognata, Dana Lesko, Teresea Siniak.
Promising newcomers: Zion Armstrong, Ashley Arsenault, Annabell Blais, Morgan Fichthorn, Isabel Folsom, Katyherine Hart, Elizabeth Unangst, Madeline Wagner, Colton Baird, Hayden Friedland, Ian Fuller, Aidan Grant, Gage Henderson, Hunter Reynolds, Ryan Wells, Kayden Downing, Harold Vance, Robert Feeney, Nicholas Keezer, Kolby Reynolds, Chase Cloutier, Malleq Macia.
Season outlook: Winthrop returns many athletes from last year’s successful squads. Autumn Gerry, who won the high jump and came in second in the long jump at the MVC North championship meet, returns for the girls team. Iker Penniman will look to build off a successful sophomore campaign and be a top middle-distance runner in the MVC.

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