Greetings Friends:

My name is Vincent Spada. I am an obscure writer from Massachusetts. I am the founder of The Lighter Fluid Gang. Please allow me to explain what that is. The LFG is not an actual organization. There is no charter or building or book. It is nothing more than a concept of the mind. That is, an attempt to be a good
person. The world itself has many problems. Some of which cannot be avoided. However, most are not necessary. In other words, we can do something about them. How? It’s remarkably simply: Just try to do no intentional harm. Try not to steal, try not to lie or cheat, try to strive toward something better in this, your
noble life. Naturally there will be times when you falter, which happens to all of us during the course of the game, but if you try, and continue to try, something truly beautiful can come of it. As human beings, we are so much more than what we see. So much grander than what we think. The love, hope and compassion
within us is like a fire that will never cease and never go out. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that sometimes, but I swear to you, it is a fact. You as a person matter and are a special part of the whole. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any differently… If you want to join this gang it is very easy. Just follow these basic rules as they appear. Help those around you. Help those far from you. Help if you can, wherever and whenever you can. You do not have to donate money, but if you decide to, pick a worthy and legitimate cause. Give a dollar to a homeless veteran. Drop a coin for a sick child. Or, spend a little time with an elderly citizen. Sit and talk with a lost soul. It’s amazing what a kind and decent word can do, or what a gentle pat on the back can mean to someone in despair. Don’t forget: We’ve all been there. So much
heartache exists and will continue existing. We cannot wipe every eye and dry every tear, but we can listen and offer our understanding. Remember, you are not and need not be alone. There is always a potential friend around every corner. Don’t allow cynicism to cloud your mind. Don’t let unhappiness rob you of your belief in something profound. In this universe there is genuine glory, and we may have it if we so choose. Just reach out your hand and take hold of your destiny. It’s waiting for you as it always has been… This, then, is the dream. This, then, is the goal of the LFG. All we ask is for you to try. Try and be more tomorrow than you were today. If you do, then you will be great, and if we all do, then we’ll all be great. Then the world may finally turn toward the light, and things will be as they should have been all along… This is the Lighter Fluid Gang. This is what I believe in. I hope you will join me. Together we can do anything. Thank you for listening, my friend. All peace to all people. Respectfully, Vincent Spada Founder, The Lighter Fluid Gang.

The Lighter Fluid Gang

If you don’t dig phonies
or frauds or fakes
If you see politically correct
as just many mistakes

If you think for yourself
and speak without slang
Then you’re one of us:
The Lighter Fluid Gang

If you’re honest and upfront
and say what you mean
If you walk the line straight
and play the game clean


If you’re not full of crap
and still have some pride
Then this is your group
and this is your side

If you’re just a nobody
A no one from nowhere
Yet still speak your mind
and still really care

Then you’ve got courage
in no small amount
This means you matter
This means you count

You may feel all alone
but that just isn’t so
If you walk with us now
there’s no telling where we’ll go

All travelers are welcome
regardless of your position
All people, all races
One voice, one mission

Here then is our cause
Our sacred mandate
To convert the whole world
without malice or hate

We ask nothing so complicated
and nothing so tough
Just be truthful in life
That alone is enough

So that is our message
and that is our plan
To say what we think
and to help if we can

That’s what we strive for
Our hopes on this hang
This is who we are
The Lighter Fluid Gang

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