Telstar Middle School sixth-graders set up an “escape” game, matching the storyline in Chris Grabenstein’s “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library,” at the Telstar Library. Pictured are Bentley Merrill, Ms. Fraser, and sixth-graders Baylee Dunham, Cody-Ann Scanlon and Henry Perks. Submitted photo

Students race against the clock! All they have are clues and each other! The first ones out win!

Miss Davis’s 6th grade class tries their hardest to be the first team to find and figure out all the clues to escape!

With only being the second year hosting this race, they have done an amazing job at entertaining and tricking the kids.

“Yeah!” says Luke Mowery, “it was very enjoyable and it was active and mental at the same time. More mental though. It was a lot of fun!”

The idea that sparked this amazing game was the book, “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library,” by Chris Grabenstein.

The book, which was published in 2014, is about a famous game maker who designs a new library and hosts an invitation-only lock-in on opening night. Kyle Keeley, a kids who lives in town is determined to attend. According to a book review, “the tricky part isn’t getting into the library — it’s getting out. Because when morning comes, the doors stay locked. Kyle and the other kids must catch every clue and solve every puzzle to find the hidden escape route!”


Telstar Middle School’s Librarian Ms. Fraser and Miss Davis, the 6th grade ELA teacher, both found this book on Chris Grabenstein’s Author Study. They found this book, ordered it, and loved it!

They have read it with the 6th grade class for many years. Miss Davis even went on to say that she has never stopped fitting this wonderful book into her curriculum because, “It has lots of clues and characters that keeps students asking questions and engaged.”

Along with the book came the idea for the escape room setup.

Grabenstein’s Author’s Study sends an email from time to time about the book. Grabenstein said that he would mail the set-up for an enjoyable game.

At first, the teachers didn’t take the bait, but after a little thinking over, they responded.

Of course to have the game fit the Telstar Library, Ms. Fraser personally took the opportunity to make slight changes.

Now, after a lot of hard work, the sixth-graders have a fun, interactive game that tests their skills and teamwork. That is why Ms. Fraser loves this game, she went on to say that, “everyone has to work together, you can’t do it alone. Also, how the students get so excited, it is so rewarding.”

This is backed up by Luke Mowery. He says that, “My favorite part was hanging out with friends and working as a team with them. I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.”

It is clear to all that Ms. Fraser and Miss Davis worked extra hard to make this activity fun, rewarding, and a learning experience for all. With just a few clues, a lot of effort, teamwork and fun, Telstar is proud to report that the sixth-graders escaped just in the nick of time!

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