Saddleback wound up celebrating the end of the season with their annual Spring Bash on April 16 instead of April 9th as it was originally scheduled. A super fun end of season party, the event had to be postponed a week due to unexpected and unfortunate events and uncooperative weather the week prior. Erika Roy, Sales & Wedding & Event Manager at Saddleback was still very pleased with the outcome.

“Pretty great turn out for postponing and still not the best weather that we wanted but I was pretty happy with the amount of people we had at the pond skim.”

The chance of rain meant that Motor Booty, the ultimate disco party band, had to be moved indoors. But that didn’t stop the dancing, the funk, or the fun.

Seen here Molly Shaw and Erika Roy fitting right in with Motor Booty!

“We had a lot of people dressed up with bell bottoms. Me and Molly (Shaw) and a bunch of other people had wigs and yea, it was awesome!”

The events of the day included Pond Skimming at noon, and the Rail Jam at 4. “We had quite a line up for the pond skim going pretty far up the runway for the pond. And for the rail jam we had a full deck at the base area.”

Roy, like many of the folks at Saddleback aim high, so she was initially concerned about the success of the day’s activities, but it all turned out fabulous. As you can see from the photos, everyone was having thoroughly enjoying themselve.

Plans are already in the works for next year which will be even bigger. See you then!

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