The May 8 Sun Journal article about a proposed draft resolution (“Two Lewiston councilors’ draft resolution on diversity programs causes backlash, concern“) is a stark example of ongoing white male privilege.

The secrecy, efforts to eliminate learning about and exploring different points of view and experiences, are classic landmarks of patriarchy, racism and homophobia.

I appreciate the clear and appropriate responses from the city and school staff, Mayor Carl Sheline, other City Council members, the reporting of the Sun Journal, as well as the questions raised by former councilor Luke Jensen, to address the secretive attempts of some city council members to marginalize and disappear community members.

I recently finished reading Phil Nadeau’s book, “The Unlikeliness of It All, Part 1,” which addressed the turmoil and resulting community involvement after Mayor Laurier Raymond’s letter in 2002. I believe that the secretive efforts of some members of the City Council will prompt many of us in the community to express our outrage and disappointment at these kinds of power moves.

We are watching, we are involved and we vote.

Eileen Fair, Lewiston

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