Mark LaFlamme almost nailed it with his May 4 piece on President Biden’s egregious abuse of governmental power by creating a Disinformation Governance Board, infringing upon the First Amendment right to free speech.

LaFlamme went astray in his assertion that this is not a partisan issue; although at some other hypothetical time conservatives could conceivably be the ones trampling the right to free speech, the fact is that right now that effort is being pushed solely by those who would have you believe that they are liberals.

Before creating their Orwellian Ministry of Truth, under Biden’s leadership the Democrats have not only first sought the aid of Big Tech and mainstream media to silence inconvenient voices, they weaponized the Department of Justice to intimidate such small-scale dissent as parents airing complaints at school board meetings.

And, just this week, Biden disingenuously proclaimed that his political opponents are “the most extreme political organization … in recent American history.” In his dotage, he has apparently forgotten who set fire to cities across the nation not that long ago. He forgets who forced essential health care workers out of their jobs for refusing the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, which had only just recently been approved by the FDA. And he forgets who, right now, seek to intimidate churchgoers and Supreme Court justices with the threat of mob violence. His people. His comrades.

There is only one right side on this issue: that in support of free speech. Today’s authoritarian “liberals” oppose it. Everyone would be wise to bear that in mind every time they vote.

Anthony Shostak, Greene

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