Phil Mickelson chose not to defend his PGA Championship title this weekend.

Bill Kennedy, Golf Columnist

Because of his comments on the new Saudi Arabia-created tour (Premier Golf League or LIV Golf Invitational), he has been the subject of a great deal of criticism. If readers of this column are of the opinion that his published words on that situation were inappropriate, then that is shared as the view of many golf fans.

Mickelson, however, is not missing out on the PGA because he has been disqualified. On the contrary, he was in the PGA Championship field until he withdrew May 13. If you are somewhat superstitious, like this writer, Mickelson’s announcement on Friday the 13th was eerie.

After Mickelson’s comments about the Arabian LIV Golf Tour (eight 54-hole events, four of which will be in the United States) were published, he went into golf exile. Clearly, he was not happy about how that came out. Following that, there were stories on him referring to inside trading and excessive gambling, neither of which was viewed kindly by the golf public.

Mickelson is not perfect. He is paying for those imperfections. Endorsements which made him as much as $40 million a year have been discontinued.

Probably there is only one person on the PGA Tour who is more popular than “The lefty.” That would be Tiger Woods, who is attempting to make a comeback from a horrific Feb. 23, 2021, car crash, which nearly cost him his life and could have left him an amputated leg.


Tiger is adored by the PGA Tour public. He has given fans all kinds of golf thrills.

Woods, however, is another star who is far from perfect. He cheated on his wife repeatedly. After their divorce, he was in a relationship with Alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, who adored Tiger’s children. He then allegedly cheated on Vonn.

OK, cheating is not against the law. Presidents do it.

Do you know what is against the law? Driving a car at more than 80 mph, cracking it up because the driver is distracted, and causing all kinds of damage to the car and a human body.

That is what Woods did Feb. 23, 2021. If an “average Joe” was guilty of that, he would be in big-time trouble with the law. Tiger Woods? He was not charged with anything, and a year later at the Masters he was an adored figure by the media and the gallery.

Summed up, if Tiger Woods can do what he has done and still be the biggest figure in golf, then how about we give Phil Mickelson a break and let him entertain us with his incredible shot-making?


Fair is fair.


The Maine State Golf Association is conducting its Club Team Championship on Sunday at Belgrade Lakes. On May 23, it will also run its annual Senior Club Team Championship at Belgrade Lakes.

The MSGA’s tournament season has been underway since last month. This week, it will hold Men’s Play Days May 24 at Samoset, and May 27-28 at Fairlawn. Women’s Play Days are May 24 at Dutch Elm and Lakewood.

All of this information is available on the MSGA’s new website.

Bill Kennedy, a retired New Jersey golf writer and editor now residing on Thompson Lake in Otisfield, is in his 10th season as Sun Journal golf columnist.

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