To the Editor:

Governor Mills is being attacked by LePage and the GOP for protecting the freedoms of our LGBT+ community. She values life and knows that 82% of transgender people have considered suicide, and 40% have tried it.

Governor Mills’ role model teaches our children to stand up to abusers who attack their lives and freedoms. Since she was AG she has shown future women leaders they don’t have to surrender to bullies, as she would beat LePage over and over in court. Smarter men would be embarrassed.

So what did Governor Mills say to the LGBT+ community when they attacked her and the lives of her LGBT+ constituents? Governor Mills: “Hate has no place in Maine” … “I want you to know that I see you, stand with you, and will always support your right to be who you are”.

Now that’s the role model our kids and future leaders need!

Bob Jean


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