On July 24, 2019, I wrote a stinging rebuttal about University of Maine System Chancellor Dannel Malloy’s consistent failures of eight years when he was governor of Connecticut. I provided headline after headline, including “It’s Official, Governor Malloy is the Worst Governor in America,” “Has Dan Malloy lost his mind?,” and “Connecticut’s Mass Exodus Continues As Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s Tax Hikes Wreak Havoc.”

In that publication, I asked why in the world 16 supposedly educated trustees would appoint a totally failed governor. Did Malloy have any experience leading any educational facility? Something definitely wasn’t right with this, and the trustees who did this should be held accountable.

I’ve been following the recent news about Malloy. His fourth no confidence vote, a recent university vote of 11-0 against him, a 24 hour sit-in by students demanding his removal.

Recent headlines read: “Budget crisis at UMF leads to faculty cuts, no-confidence vote for UMS chancellor.” Another reads: “UMS faculty furious over failure to disclose no-confidence votes.” As Connecticut wasted eight years of failed leadership, the University of Maine seems to have wasted three.

A recent article stated “Malloy has since promised to ‘restore confidence’ in his leadership following the (Michael) Laliberte fallout.” It seems Malloy’s promises are as empty as his leadership skills.

Unfortunately we could not remove him as governor of Connecticut and are still reeling from the incredible fallout. Doesn’t the University of Maine want someone who is an effective leader?

It’s embarrassing.

Patrick Hale, New Britain, Connecticut

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