To the Editor:

There are people who want to use guns to kill many; we consider them evil or mentally ill. We will never be able to identify and affect all these people.

There are people who want to kill others because of the color of their skin and there are media stars that encourage this hatred. We cannot reach and change all people who hate or who encourage hatred.
Mass shootings have occurred in schools, stores, concerts, and other public places. We cannot protect all schools, supermarkets, and other public places across the country.

The NRA and its supporters know these things yet insist on easy access to all types of guns.

The NRA’s prioritization of the “right” to acquire any kind of gun above the lives of innocent people is evil.

We can make it very difficult for anyone to acquire automatic weapons. This may not prevent all gun violence, but it will save lives.

Lee & Stephen Smith
Albany TWP

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