The Rangeley Selectmen started their June 6th meeting with the dedication of the Annual Town Report. This year’s Annual Town Report has been dedicated to Vernon Bean who served as the Rangeley Water District Superintendent for twenty-six years. Vernon’s family members were invited to the meeting so that the Selectmen could present them with copies of the Town Report and express their gratitude for Vernon’s dedication to Town service.

The Portage Tap House has a new owner. The Selectmen voted to issue a new Liquor License to new owner Marisol Razik. The license becomes effective June 22, 2022.

Mike Sobeleski is a Republican candidate for Maine State Representative, District 73. District 73 includes the Rangeley area. Mike introduced himself to the Selectmen and asked that anyone with questions and concerns call him on his cell phone at (207)400-7233.

Greg Whalen was appointed to the Veterans Memorial Committee joining other members Al Clinch, Colin Madrid and Monica Liedl.

The Rangeley Lake Builders Supply offered to donate the materials needed to construct dugouts at the ballfield behind the Rangeley Town Office. The Selectmen voted to accept this generous donation.

The Town has submitted the required paperwork to re-license the septic sludge disposal area. The timeline for approval is dependent upon legislation. The Town is not accepting any sludge at the present time. The primary septic tank pumping service for our area is hauling septic materials to the Anson-Madison Sanitary District or to a storage tank on his property in Jay.


The Rangeley Region Economic Opportunity Committee, the Rangeley Town Manager and the Selectmen are in favor of transitioning from a contracted Economic Development Consultant to a project based or case by case consulting arrangement. The current Economic Development Consulting contract will expire on June 30, 2022.

The Town has a three year contract for legal services with the law firm of Preti-Flaherty. Prior to July 1st of each year the Selectmen can opt to select a retainer agreement with the law firm. The Selectmen voted to have a $24,000.00 retainer agreement for fiscal year 2022-2023 to see if it provides any cost savings.

The Town Manager informed the Selectmen that a portion of the swim dock located at the Town Park is closed for the evaluation of ice damage.

Voting on the Annual Town Warrant is June 14 from 8:00am to 8:00pm at the Rangeley Town Office.

A Candidates Night is being held on June 9th at Lakeside Theater at 6:00pm. Incumbent Ethan Shaffer, former Selectman Donnie Nuttall, Jake Beaulieu and Samantha “Sam” White are the candidates for the two available Selectmen seats. This format should provide an opportunity for the candidates to inform voters about their aspirations as Selectmen. Call the Rangeley Town Office to see if Candidates Night was recorded and if it is available for viewing (864-3326).

The next Selectmen’s meeting is June 20, 2022 at 6:00pm.

Utilize your democratic privilege and vote Tuesday, June 14th!

“A democracy is healthiest when the public is informed about the activities of leaders of industry and occupants of public office.” -Melvin Melcher


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