Please join us in extending our best wishes to Greg Andrews, who is moving on from his day-to-day responsibilities as Chief Finance Officer at Arctaris Saddleback, effective May 31, 2022. Going forward, he will be available for advice and for help with specific projects.

Greg has played a critically important role in the start-up and restart phase of Saddleback Mountain. His vast industry, accounting, and finance experience has proved to be extremely valuable in the company’s planning, forecasting, and financing strategies and initiatives. Greg’s dedication to the success of the project is immeasurable along with his desire to support the greater Rangeley community.

In his finance role, Greg ensured that Saddleback was adequately funded for its next growth phase. He helped evaluate and integrate new ventures into the organization and coached junior staff members to help prepare them for an efficient transition. Previously, Greg worked for Saddleback and the Berry family and joined Arctaris Saddleback before the Boston-based impact investment firm purchased the ski mountain and real estate in January 2020 after a 5-year closure.

“Initially as a consultant, Greg was a core part of the deal team that vetted the business plan, conducted the due diligence, and helped negotiate the acquisition of Saddleback by Arctaris.” said Uche Osuji, Arctaris Managing Director. His experience as a former Saddleback CFO was invaluable to help guide the strategy away from potential pitfalls. His relationships with vendors and banking partners helped to secure the financing required to capitalize the business
plan. Greg worked tirelessly to ensure Saddleback is around for future generations. Overall, Greg has been a great colleague and has become a friend.”

We wish him all the best!

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