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The North Turner Cemetery Association plans to meet at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 19, at the 4282 Howes Corner Road cemetery; weather permitting.

Participants are asked to bring a chair. An alternate meeting place will be 38 Quimby Road. COVID-19-compromised people are advised to wear a mask for their comfort, according to a news release from the association.

The association was organized first in 1899. Anyone who wishes a copy of its amended bylaws can email Eva Leavitt at [email protected]. Some of the earliest burials were done between 1806 and 1892. Some lots have been used by families’ whose descendants still live in town.

The active membership is only six people at this time. Membership is for any person interested, any person who purchased a lot or any descendant who has relatives buried at the cemetery. In the past few years, the association has lost officers and active members; the group asks that any interested persons come to its aid.

Lester Quimby has stepped down as caretaker, and his work involved the sale of lots with management of the cemetery map, arrangement for burials, spring cleanup and repair of stones. He has been doing this work for almost 50 years.

The association also needs assistance with the general supervision and management of the affairs and someone to serve as vice president of the association.

Donations can be made payable to North Turner Cemetery Association and mailed it to the association at 7 Beach St., Turner, ME 04282.

The treasury is getting slim and any donation or purchase of lots will help continue to provide a respectful looking burial ground for those who are buried there and those who have plans for this site in the future. The sale of lots would come as a help with the maintenance. Traditional lots are $200 each and cremation lots are $75 each.

For more information, call Leavitt at 207-224-7139.

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