REGION — United Way of the Tri-Valley Area has launched a new program, in alignment with the strategic goal to help the community become more mobile. Transportation has long been a challenge in Greater Franklin County and United Way is honored and excited to attempt to get more people on the road to work, to appointments, and to social engagements.

The purpose of this Don’t Despair Car Repair Program is to provide assistance for individuals in need of car repairs in Greater Franklin County, Livermore, and Livermore Falls. Assistance through the Don’t Despair Car Repair Program, an internal program at United Way of the Tri-Valley Area (UWTVA), is determined by an application process which is available on the United Way website (, at our partnering garages and at the United Way office, 218 Fairbanks Road in Farmington.

Once an applicant is approved, assistance will be provided up to $1,000 per applicant. Currently there can be only one applicant per household and an applicant may be funded only one time, this allows United Way to help as many different households as possible. If repair exceeds $1,000, the payment of the customer portion must be paid to the garage prior to UWTVA sending payment.

Applications are reviewed and approved (if eligible) by a review committee made up of five community members. Applications will be reviewed within a 48-hour turnaround time. For a full list of guidelines and the applications, please visit a participating garage or our website,

Participating garages have been initially determined and are spread throughout the County and Livermore and Livermore Falls. Garages currently include:

•  Foster Career and Technical Education Center, Farmington


•  Phillips Motor Sports, Farmington

•  Romano’s Garage, Livermore Falls (this garage is also FEDCAP approved)

•  Rick’s Auto, Wilton (this garage is also FEDCAP approved)

•  Boyce’s Auto, Kingfield

•  Poulin’s Garage, Kingfield

•  Merrill’s Garage, Jay


•  Hilltop Collision, Jay

•  St. Pierre’s Garage, East Jay

•  Randy Keach Auto, New Sharon

•  RP Auto Repair, Rangeley

•  KOOBS Garage, Oquossoc

•  Maine Wrench, Strong

For additional information about United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, visit or call 778-5048. Be sure to follow United Way on Facebook ( and Instagram, too, to be kept up to speed on programs and initiatives that are up coming.

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