From left, poll workers Carolyn Smith, Lyn Lewia and Don Hamlin sign in Lynne Hunter, David Nordstrom and Rhonda Schanck to vote at the Wilton Town Office Tuesday, June 14. Voters elected incumbent Selectperson Tiffany Maiuri and Mike Wells to the Wilton Select Board. Wells won by just one vote, prompting a recount request by candidate Cherieann Harrison. Kay Neufeld/Franklin Journal

WILTON — After an incredibly close election Tuesday night, June 14, a candidate for Select Board has requested a recount.

Voters on Tuesday favored Mike Wells and incumbent Selectperson Tiffany Maiuri for seats on the board.

Running for the first seat, held by retiring Selectperson Tom Saviello, were Cherieann Harrison, a retiring RSU 9 director, Evret Greer, a member of Wilton’s Finance Committee, and Wells, a member of Wilton’s Board of Appeals.

Wells won the seat by just one vote with 190 votes, to Harrison’s 189 and Greer’s 45.

On Wednesday, Harrison requested a recount of Wells’ one-vote win.

Harrison said she made the request after hearing from townspeople encouraging a recount.

“I owe it to every individual that voted for me last night to see this through and request a recount,” Harrison said in a written statement. “I have reached out to the town to ensure due process.”

Town Clerk Heather Harris said she is currently working to set a date for the recount, which will be a public proceeding.

Saviello said he’ll be staying on the Select Board until the recount is completed and a new selectperson is sworn in.

“It sends a message to everyone: vote! One vote, that’s what it is,” Saviello said. “When you say ‘my vote doesn’t matter,’ yes it does – votes count. Always show up because those who show up have a say.”

During the campaign, Wells said he considered Wilton’s pressing issues to include “ordinances that are not being enforced” such as “disorderly properties and junk accumulation in peoples’ yards.” He said he will also work to bring more businesses and jobs into town.

Running for the second seat were Maiuri and Lillian Lake. Maiuri won the seat with 293 votes to Lake’s 135.

While campaigning for the position, Maiuri said the most pressing issues facing Wilton are “the pressures of historic inflation (especially gas and home heating oil), a costly and prolonged pandemic, and supply chain issues.” She plans to address these issues “with long-term planning, seeking grants, support of the community, and a solid understanding and implementation of sound budgeting practices.”

Voters also elected Kyle Fletcher to the Regional School Unit 9 Board of Directors. Fletcher ran unopposed.

Next up, voters will head to Wilton’s annual Town Meeting 6 p.m. Monday, June 20 at Academy Hill School. Voters will be acting on the Town of Wilton’s $2.45 million budget recommended by the Select Board and two amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

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