Scout is Not a Band Kid
By Jade Armstrong

Eighth-grader Scout is desperate to meet her favorite author at Almontefest, but her single-parent dad tells her it’s too far away to take her. Luckily, she learns that her school band is taking a trip to the very same festival at the end of the year.

Unfazed by the fact that she has zero musical experience, she takes up the trombone. Unfortunately, she is seated next to Merrin, a first-rate musician, who isn’t about to let Scout coast through the class.

Scout’s spirit and determination, though sometimes focused on the wrong things, make her a charming lead character. It’s fun to see her friendship with Merrin grow throughout the graphic novel, as Scout encourages Merrin to open up and have fun, and Merrin teaches Scout to take her artistic talents seriously and work hard.

Will Scout finally become a band kid? I recommend you check this one out and find out!

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