I have been fortunate to have experienced the challenges of raising three sons and the pleasures of being a grandparent. I have observed with exhilaration first steps and words, pillow fights, flying kites and, most importantly, the first days of day care and pre-kindergarten.

I believe that the United States of America provides the greatest opportunity in which individuals may live and become successful. I believe in the right of its citizens to bear arms, and protect their property and well-being.

I especially believe that no child should ever face the fear of active shooter violence or death. Children are in the hands of caring adults who have the obligation and accountability for their well-being. Children are unable to protect themselves in active shooter events.

Agreed-upon solutions to such killing events as the one in Uvalde, Texas, apparently are hard to develop and implement. I simply do not know whether such considerations as Red Flags Laws, banning assault weapons or their modifications, or age restrictions would impact the tragedy of child injury or life.

I do know we are not meeting the trust that children place in us as adults.

I pray for the family units that have experienced a child’s active shooter injury or death. As a grandparent of two young children, such pain of loss would be unbearable.

I look to my governmental representatives to address the security and safety needs of our children to mitigate the shameful misuse of assault weapons.

Henry Aliberti, Auburn

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