Pine Tree Frosty or Bust

The Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce and the Rangeley Health & Wellness are happy to announce that the 5th Annual Rangeley RuKaBi race, a 3-part race (run, kayak, and bike), was a great success and great FUN!!! Thank you to all the Participants and Supporters of our Annual RuKaBi event!

First Place Team went to Pine Tree Frosty or Bust! 56:38 (Sam Shipman, Daniel Barnett and James Barnett)

First Place Female went to Katie Pye! 1:08:46

Katie Pye


First Place Men went to Frances Hill! 1:17:45

Thank You to Our Sponsors!!!! Applesauce Hill Icelandics, Rangeley Fireplace and Stove Co., Lyons Lakeside Cabins, Rangeley Lakes Trails Center, Ecopelagicon, Saddleback Maine, Oquossoc Grocery, Lakeside Convenience & Marina.

Thank you to all the volunteers! Jim, Joanne, Linda, Lisa, Marie, Britt, Jennifer, Police Chief French & Rangeley Fire Dept, Jim & Joanne and Andy! Thank You for the pictures, Dano Archibee & Jim Ferarra!!!

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