To the Editor:

Defeated Congressman Bruce Poliquin voted to raise taxes on the middle class by voting for Trump’s pretend tax “cut” bill.  Poliquin, Trump, and their radical Supreme Court want big government regulation of our bedrooms and pregnancies.

Poliquin’s vote for Trump’s tax increase took away the middle-class personal exemption of 4050 for middle-class taxpayers and each of our dependents. For a family of four, that meant he gypped us out of our personal exemption of 16,200. That exemption was not available to the super-rich making over 384,000. Poliquin only cares about his super-rich campaign donors; he killed that exemption.

When the press tried to ask Poliquin tough questions, he first tried to run into the ladies’ room, before he finally hid in the boy’s room. Vote “NO” on “Bathroom Bruce” and his scheme to regulate our bedrooms and pregnancies. Vote for “Veteran” Congressman Golden and freedom, instead!

Bob Jean


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