100 Years Ago: 1922

The summer camps in this vicinity are all opened and filled to overflowing. Camp Kennebec on Salmon Lake, Camp Arden and Camp Arcodice on McGealt Pond, Camp Somerset on East Pond, Cedarcrest Camp on Lake Messalouckee, and Pine Island and Camp Merryweather on Great Pond are crowded with girls and boys who believe that Maine is truly the playground of the world.

50 Years Ago: 1972

Dr. Walter A. Lawrance, Lewiston. Androscoggin river master said yesterday that the improvement in the condition, especially the smell of the river, is due to the unusually high flow of water during June, and to somewhat lower temperatures. The aerator at Gulf Island Dam was not activated until recently, Dr. Lawrance said. The aerator, which pumps oxygen into the water, had to be used three weeks earlier this year.

25 Years Ago: 1997

Twelve regal Monarch Butterflies flew to freedom from the new gazebo on Moore Park on the afternoon of July Fourth at the same time butterflies were released across the nation as a symbol of freedom and dependence.


The project, sponsored by Goldie and Jim Mason began as a family project for their seven grandchildren, but evolved to include the entire South Woodstock Forestdale School of 38 children and four teachers. Goldie Mason, a nurse and Jim Mason, a teacher and naturalist, wanted to interest students at the private school in community service and teach them citizenship.

Early this spring, the students planted seeds of milkweed, the host of Monarch Butterflies. But unfavorable weather slowed the growth of the plants, so the Masons couldn’t get the butterfly eggs until after school closed for the summer.

But Goldie Mason said some of the schoolchildren have seen the 12 eggs, which are now in the pupa, or cocoon stage, as milkweed growing wild on the Masons’ farm. The butterflies released Friday were purchased by the Masons. When the milkweed the children planted comes up again next spring, it will be used to host more eggs, the Masons plan to make this an annual project. The butterflies being raised from eggs now will be released when they begin to fly.

Butterflies have four stages of development: egg. Larve (caterpillars,), pupa, chrysalis or cocoon and adult. It takes 21 days for an adult butterfly to transform from an egg. The pale green conical eggs hatch in three to five days into larvae which feed on milkweed. The Masons bought the butterflies from a butterfly zoo in Middleton, RI. Butteries may be free, but they are not cheap. The Masons paid $8.06 for each butterfly. Next year the students will be milkweed seeds to people in the community to save butterflies too.

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