FARMINGTON—The University of Maine at Farmington proudly announces its Dean’s List for the Spring 2022 Semester. UMF maintains a Dean’s List each semester for those students completing a minimum of 12 credits in courses producing quality points. Students whose grade point average for the semester is equal to or greater than 3.8 are listed with High Honors. Students whose grade point average for the semester is less than 3.8 but equal to or greater than 3.5 are listed with Honors. Any incompletes must be satisfactorily completed before the student is honored with Dean’s List status. Academic achievement awarded at commencement is based on all course work taken at UMF.

Fayette: Tom Tubman, High Honors; Greene: Sam Martineau, Honors; Zoe Norris, Honors; Paris Pierce, Honors; Kristen Roux, High Honors; Brady Stockwell, Honors; Jared Wood, High Honors; Jay: Alex Bessey, High Honors; Jason Howes, Honors; Terri Potvin, High Honors; Lilly Towers, High Honors; Haley Turcotte, Honors; Leeds: Madison Karcher, Honors; Livermore: William Brenner, High Honors; Livermore Falls: Mallori Chretien, High Honors; Hunter Dalton, High Honors; Sherri Jewell, Honors; Manchester: Aric Belanger, Honors; Duncan Rogers, High Honors; Monmouth: Tia Day, Honors; Readfield: Kate Mohlar, High Honors; Silas Mohlar, High Honors; Coleman Watson, High Honors; Garrett Whitten, High Honors; Turner: Alex Brooks, High Honors; Leo Goddard, High Honors; Haylee Janosco, High Honors; Ian Leadbetter, Honors; Maddie Lenfest, High Honors; Ginny Twitchell, High Honors; Anna Wright, High Honors.

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