The Roadrunners lined up pregame at Oak Hill. Photo by Paula Kane

SALEM — Members of the Mt. Abram Roadrunners Baseball Team gathered, along with family and friends on the ballfield at the high school last week to celebrate the end of another great season.

Head Coach Jeffrey Pillsbury welcomed one and all before introducing his Assistant Coaches: Jamie Phelps; Lanie Roy, JV Coach; Jason Wing; Kawika Thompson; and Rick Norton.

He next acknowledged the contributions throughout the spring of the many volunteers and behind the scenes staff, as well as the players’ parents and other family members whose continuing support is so greatly appreciated.

Directing his next remarks to Abram’s Athletic Director, Kristina Stevens, Pillsbury noted, to the accompaniment of a burst of chuckles from those present, “I’m a high maintenance coach…Calling or emailing regularly about things like bus schedules, being on time, field upkeep, equipment, more baseballs, umpires, game schedules, etc. Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes.”

Coach also thanked “Richard and Ephraim” for all their work on the batting cage and the field; The Boosters, who are ready to assist whenever needed; Jeremy Starbird, athletic trainer; Paula Kane, scorekeeper, “who keeps us in check in the dugout. She had to give us ‘the look’ a few times”. Special appreciation was also expressed to the devoted fans who could be counted on at every game to cheer on the players and keep spirits high..

“Most importantly, the players, a great bunch of young men,” Coach stated in conclusion, “We have had most of our Seniors since they were about 7. It has been a pleasure to coach them all. They are good teammates, passionate about baseball, and they love competing. They also have a lot of fun…They keep us young for sure… Thank you again, to one and all.”


As the program moved on to presentation of awards, Coach noted again that it had been a great season, finishing with a win/loss record of 14 and 2, which, coincidentally, is the same record they had last year. He also commented that, over the past two seasons, the Roadrunners have won 30 of 38 games played and, in the four years during which this year’s Seniors have played, 115 wins and only 20 losses. Additionally, the team has brought home “numerous district championships”.

“This is arguably the best group of boys that have come through Mt. Abram,” Coach declared, “They have enjoyed success more than any other group. These Seniors don’t know what it’s like to be part of a weak program…”

Following his general remarks, Coach went on to recognize each player’s accomplishments, beginning with the Freshmen.

Andrew Rother, the youngest player in terms of actual playing time, has “tons of potential”. One of the top athletes in the Freshman class, Rother is an outfielder who is “very coachable” and can be expected to be starting in games very soon. Ash Rollins is also looking ahead to a “promising future”. Another strong athlete, he, too, started a few games this year in the outfield. His primary role is base-running, for which “he has the mindset to be exceptional”. Though Logan Dube did not have “a ton of playing time this season”, Coach expects him to “play a significant role in our success next year. First and foremost, we will need his arm (and) he has the potential to be a very solid hitter…”

Sophomores on the team this year were Trey Reed, Aiden Brann, Bear Rollins, Cam Grey, and Payton Mitchell.

Reed was noted as “perhaps one of our most improved players on both sides of the ball. Nobody worked harder in practice or was as big an influence in the dugout…always looking for a way to help the team out…Great teammate. Dedicated. A great dugout presence.”


Another first year player, Brann was also noted as having “tons of potential”.

“This boy crushes the ball,” Coach noted, “I cannot recall a player who generates as much bat speed…I see him moving into the middle of our lineup…”

Bear Rollins is a two-year starter and one of the hottest hitters early in the season. A right fielder when on defense, offensively he is one of the hitting leaders with a batting average this season of .421. In addition to school ball, Rollins plays on an American Legion team in the summer.

Starting catcher for most of the season, Cam Grey always caught for Trevor Phelps (aka Phelpsie). He also played “a solid 2nd base” and exhibited a lot of growth over the season. Offensively, Grey was “one of the toughest” with the fewest strikeouts, second highest for RBIs (runners batted in), and a batting average of .325.

“Defensively one of our most versatile players”, Peyton Mitchell was comfortable playing anywhere. A top defender, he was a catcher, a third-baseman, and a pitcher.

“His most important role next year,” Coach disclosed, “may be pitching.”


Mitchell’s bat also came through in a big way to clinch a victory for the Roadrunners in their home game versus Mountain Valley. Bases were loaded when Payton hit a long ball that scored all the runners, including Mitchell himself. It put the home team ahead by 2, securing the win for Mt. Abram. And the crowd went wild!

JV Coach Roy commented afterwards, “Payton had been in a slump…This was a really big hit for him.”

Adding even more to the excitement and the delight of the home crowd, it just happened to be Payton’s 16th birthday.

Trey Pease, Tucker Plouffe, and Kaden “K-Dog” Pillsbury were the Juniors on the team.

Coach described Pease as “one of our most dedicated, hard-working players and an outstanding teammate.”

Though he “did not see a lot of defensive action” this season, Coach noted his “significant improvement in the outfield”, citing “an especially nice catch in right field vs. Spruce Mountain.”


Offensively, Pease’s role was as a “clutch hitter”, coming to bat at “crucial parts of the game”. Two of his most notable hits this season were his triple at Hall Dale which cleared the bases and a sacrifice fly at Oak Hill.

Plouffe started defensively in center field every game.

“He gets a great jump, which makes it look easy. He glides…,” said Coach, going on to also commend his offense, which “carried us early in the year…”

Plouffe’s batting average was .396, he scored 18 runs, and had 14 RBIs.

“K-Dog” was another defensively versatile player, at either shortstop or second base. Coach (who just happens to also be this athlete’s dad) was “very happy with his defense…showed a strong arm and good range…”

The young Pillsbury had an on base percentage of .500. He scored 22 runs; led the league in stolen bases with 14; and had a batting average of .319. Next year, he will also be spending some time “on the mound”.


Last, but by no means least, the team Seniors were Brendan Williamson, Adam Luce, Wyatt Siemenski, Ian Allen, and Trevor Phelps.

Popular with his teammates and a “fan favorite”, nobody is more competitive than Williamson, “is always diving in practice…always wants another ball or another pitch.” In the game against Oak Hill, he had one of “the loudest hits” of the year, a “big bunt that changed the game.”

Defensively, Adam Luce played “a lot” of second base, spent some time at third, and also worked on the mound as a reliever, doing “an outstanding job”. He was able to both “hit his spots” and to “pump strikes” effectively. Additionally, with a batting average of .250, he scored 11 runs.

Described as “a quiet leader”, Wyatt Siemenski started defensively in left field. He also did some pitching and even played one inning at shortstop. Offensively, he had “a lot of timely hits”, including one ball off the fence against Mountain Valley, and 23 RBIs.

Another player noted for “timely hits”, Ian Allen (“Big E”) could “hit to all fields” and was one of the team’s best “two-strike hitters”. His big hit at Monmouth clinched that game. Offensively, his work at first base changed the outcome of several plays when he “dug a lot of balls out with great stretches”.

Hitting .392, Trevor Phelps was the best hitter during the last third of the season. He had 23 RBIs and led the team in extra-base hits, including two home runs, three triples, and seven doubles. Offensively, Phelps pitched 58 innings.


Special awards were presented to Tucker Plouffe, Defensive Player of the Year; Cam Grey, Rookie of the Year for his first season with the Roadrunners; Ian Allen, the Timely Hit Award; Coaches’ Award, “a difficult decision” with three or four players in the running, Tres Pease; Offensive Award, Kaden Pillsbury; Teammate Award “for four years of unselfish participation, always all about the team when team chemistry is so important”, Wyatt Siemenski; MVP Award, Trevor Phelps; Thomas Harrison, Promising Freshman.

The Seniors were also presented with commemorative key chains with the team’s 2022 record, 15 – 4, engraved on the reverse.

2022 Baseball All Stars, Mountain Valley Conference, from Mt. Abram were First Team: Trevor Phelps and Tucker Plouffe; Second Team: Adam Luce, Kaden Pillsbury, Wyatt Siemenski; Player of the Year: Trevor Phelps; Honorable Mention: Ian Allen, Cam Grey.

Following the presentations, the team posed for photographs, then several were already moving on to their next baseball season, picking up their uniforms for Central Maine Ware Butler, an American Legion Senior Baseball Team for players age 19 and under.

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