FARMINGTON — Selectmen Tuesday, July 12, voted to begin the bidding process for a new firetruck to replace Engine 2.

Interim Farmington Fire Rescue Chief TD Hardy said he had met recently with Town Manager Christian Waller about the project and pricing issues.

Prices are “a constantly moving target” and getting a figure is tough, he noted. “A lot of manufacturers are only giving prices for 30 days, really are not ready to commit to any kind of discounts until we have more of the details, a time line.”

Hardy said while it’s still some time away, finalizing specifications, getting pricing and determining finance options needs to start. A grant that would help finance the purchase has been submitted but Hardy hasn’t heard if it was awarded.

“The price increases are what they are,” he stated. “For us as far as cost savings it’s too bad for us to stand completely idle. We should try to pin some stuff down.”

Waller said there have been two price increases already this year. He anticipates another in September.


The increases were both 7%, Hardy said.

Basically $70,000 more, Waller added.

Hardy noted the ballpark price now is $850,000 without discounts.

The new firetruck will replace Engine 2, the department’s 1995 E-One Engine.

Selectman Joshua Bell asked if anything could be received for trading in that truck.

“Our best bet is to try to sell it,” Hardy said. “A lot [of trucks] at that price are going for scrap. There may be somebody for whom it might have some value.”


Hardy said even if the truck were ordered today, delivery would be 16 months out. “The truck will be almost two years older when this is all said and done,” he noted.

“It is on borrowed time now,” Selectman Chair Matthew Smith said.

In other business, Waller said the town had been approached about purchasing property.

One parcel abuts Walton’s Mill Pond Park, two others are near the highway garage.

The .34 parcel near the park includes a livable home that had the roof replaced last year.

The owner is incapacitated, needs money for her care, EXP Realtor Debbie Joseph said.


Parks and Recreation Director Matthew Foster said the driveway for that property will be included in work for the new park entrance. There was a steep drop-off into the park that will be redesigned, he noted.

Foster said that area is growing, there would be a benefit to having that area for parking, playgrounds, something that could benefit the community in the future.

Waller said Public Works Director Philip Hutchins thought the 22 acre lot adjacent to the garage would improve parking, machinery movement and the public’s access to different parts of the facility.

A 31-acre parcel next to that one containing Cascade Brook Falls was also spoken of, Waller said.

“It is a pretty unique spot,” Waller noted. “I have just been up there to see the property myself. Especially in the spring those falls are pretty impressive.”

Executive Sessions with the landowners or their representatives, Waller, Selectmen and other appropriate town officials were suggested as next steps in considering those purchases.

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