To the Editor:

To participate in an herb walk with Wendy Green in Albany Twp. is one of those rare, treasured experiences. Around each bend or dip in the winding, woodsy path, Wendy stops to point out another plant that can be used for improving our health. The paths, which eventually lead to a singing brook, are so well-maintained that even my old legs can manage them easily.

The whole experience felt magical and at the same time, very useful as we learned the names and traditional uses of many plants. Wendy pointed out Coltsfoot near the brook, named by ancients for the hoof-shaped leaves. Since Roman times, it has been used as an effective cough suppressant. Plantain is another useful plant that most of us have seen on our lawns and maybe only seen as a nuisance weed. Plantain arrived in the New World with European settlers and has many uses, especially in healing skin and mucus membrane issues.

Even though I won’t remember all the plant information Wendy provided, it was a delight to be in that magical space for a couple of hours and to learn that there are so many plants that we can learn to use to help keep us comfortable and healthy. Wendy’s phone is 207-461-2291.

Joyce White

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