Auburn has policies and practices that exist today that are seemingly non-discriminatory on their face value, but still negatively affect and discriminate against families of color, depriving them of equal access to better education, plus economic well-being.

I applaud Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque and members of the City Council and Planning Board for affording everyone an equal playing field to achieve “The American Dream” no matter who they are.

These unbelievable positive new zoning changes were heralded by many economists in the United States and our federal government; the old suppressive zoning was stifling home ownership for many in our country. These new zoning standards are being enacted across the United States with hopes of building a better America for all.

I am a Realtor, and I know a little about racism here in Maine, since I experienced it firsthand with a couple for whom I was trying to secure their dream home. We had two incidents in two different neighborhoods a few years back, and I was enraged that this would happen so close to where I lived.

I discussed this with another agent, and they too had experienced racism. So racism still exists behind closed minds.

In closing, I think it is great that there is a huge community conversation about how everyone cares about the direction and future of Auburn.

Auburn is alive and well; make no mistake about it.

Scott Berry, Auburn

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