The RFA Lakeside Theater hosted another round of storytelling at The Kitchen Table on the evening of July 8. Approximately 40 folks attended as seven storytellers shared their personal tales over a period of one and a half hours.

Tina Falasco opened the evening with a tribute to her John Deere X465 rider mower, John, as a meditation on Zen landscaping and what real growth looks like. Allen Wicken followed with a memory from 1968 as a student-teacher in Richmond, VA. Laura Sadler recalled a purse snatching incident with her daughter along for the ride. Valerie Zapolsky returned to TkT and recalled the shifting relationship with her baby brother. Heidi Sorensen took us on a stormy ride aboard the Galadriel, a yawl built in Holland in 1956, with her first, and only, mate, Larry Hall. Bunny Fazekas told a good old-fashioned ghost story, with spectral appearances and spontaneous combustion. The final storyteller of the evening, Marie Sutherland, shared an intimate glimpse into her relationship with her husband Bob and his relationship with the Catholic church.

It was a fine admixture of premises and lessons, settings and ideas. When considering the history of any given civilization, primary sources are drops in an ocean. We have been swimming in an ocean of lies lately that it’s become ever more essential that we recognize the truth of a lifebuoy when it is thrown to us; thus, our stories.

If you are interested in either participating or attending, go to and click on Events to find when the next Kitchen Table workshops and events are scheduled, or email Tim Straub directly at [email protected] A good story is like your favorite aunt. They only get better with age.

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