DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for recommendations on where to purchase lawn mowing and garden equipment. I know what stores are available in the area but would feel more confident with specific reader recommendations — please and thank you. I’ve been a Sun Spots reader for many years and have been very pleased with many recommendations (and recipes)! — Wanda, no town

ANSWER: This came in recently and fits your request. You’re wise to ask for recommendations from Sun Spots readers. I bought a mower from an online company a few years ago and it was a big disappointment.

Sun Spots loves to hear about your success stories regarding local businesses. These letters get stashed in the Rolodex for future reference and they sure come in handy. If you have a lawn and garden store to recommend, now is the time to send in your testimonial.

I’m also interested in recommendations for people who do lawncare and snow removal. It’s important to get the word out, especially to our senior population who can no longer keep up with those outside chores.

Here’s our reader’s recommendation: “We purchased a rider mower recently from LaPointe’s Lawn and Garden Center on Sabattus St. in Lewiston. It’s the type of mower with motion-controlled levers instead of a steering wheel.

“The mower was delivered the next day by a nice young man who took the time to explain to my husband how to operate it and even watched him ride it. He left saying, ‘if you have any problems or questions, feel free to call us (754-4195).’ Everyone there was super nice. We highly recommend them!” — No name, Lewiston.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the July 28 Sun Spots about skunk smell, cedar spray works to eliminate all unwanted odors. Also cedar boughs cut fresh work well if you rub them on the spots where smell lingers. I used this in my car when I had trouble with skunk odors and it worked. I did leave the bough in the car for a few days. I always keep cedar spray on hand and have used it for over 35 years. — Ilean, Livermore

ANSWER: Lucky for me, I’ve never had to use cedar spray to eliminate skunk odors but I have used it for other nasty lingering odors with great results. And what smells better than cedar! Thank you for reminding us that this is an available option if our skunked doggie comes running into the house and starts rubbing against the furniture as they are prone to do!

To be clear, I read that cedarwood atlas essential oil is safe for dogs (used in a ratio of 1 drop of cedarwood to 30 drops of a carrier oil), but always check in with your vet before using any essential oil, on and around your pets. I can’t stress this enough.

However, there are several cedar products on the market specially used for pets. Wondercide, Cedarcide, and DG Cedar are well-known, safe brand names. The benefits besides deodorizing include using these products as a flea and tick repellent, reducing stress, easing sore muscles and encouraging restful sleep.

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