DEAR SUN SPOTS: Your readers are amazing! Within two days of my letter in your July 27 column requesting a transport chair for a 90-year-old woman, I was given a chair in great condition. Thank you, generous Sun Spots reader!

I also learned about a program in Portland called Partners for World Health from one of your readers. This is a volunteer organization that collects medical supplies for reuse in the local area as well as around the world.

For others who are looking for medical equipment, or have used equipment to donate, check out their website at Thank you, Sun Spots, for the wonderful service you provide to our community! — David, Auburn

ANSWER: Letters like this make my day and I’m glad your Sun Spots request worked out so well for you and your friend. I’m sure she’s very grateful for your help.

I knew about Partners for World Health but didn’t realize they also help people locally with the purchase of medical supplies at reduced rates so thank you for clarifying that. If you have a request for medical supplies, go to the web site or call 705-9020

The organization is also seeking volunteers and provides orientation and training. There are even opportunities to apply for short-term mission work if you are engaged as a medical professional or want to participate as a non-medical volunteer. Check out the website or call 774-5555.


This is one of my favorite Sun Spots letters and although I have many, I do remember them! If any readers would like to share some of their favorite Sun Spots letters ever, that would be cool. You don’t have to remember them verbatim but it you have the gist of it, I can always look it up or share what the tidbits you do have. You all make being Ms. Sun Spots so fun and interesting!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On July 21 my sister and I, two senior citizen ladies who are not familiar with the side roads of Auburn, asked directions from a lady in a small red car. The lady generously offered for us to follow her, and she would lead us to our destination. She even back-tracked to find us and let us know we had turned onto a wrong street and needed to follow her further.

My sister and I want to thank the lady in the small red car for her kindness and helpfulness in taking the time and going out of her way on a sweltering day to assist us. Her aid was sincerely and gratefully appreciated by us both.

Your column is always so helpful — you do a great job! — Pat, Norway

ANSWER: Thank you for sharing your story with us, Pat. I’m sure you were so relieved to be offered such kind assistance. I hope this letter inspires other readers to always be on the lookout for things they can do to help others. Even a smile and an enthusiastic greeting as you pass by someone can make a difference, trust me.

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