Firefighters dousing flames with water on Sunday. Facebook photo.

After batting hotspots for four days, firefighters have extinguished a 3-acre woodland fire a mile north of Cundy’s Harbor Great Island Church of the Nazarene, at Long Reach Preserve.

Cundy’s Harbor Fire Chief Ben Wallace said landowners walked the site yesterday and “found the perimeter cold.”

“There were a few hot spots in the middle that they doused with buckets,” Wallace added.

The fire burned at an elevation of 80 feet and 100 yards from shore, and the rough terrain made reaching and stifling the flames a significant challenge. Wallace said fire crews were pumping water up from the cove but depending on the tide there wasn’t always enough water to douse the flames.

With the dry, hot weather in the area, embers in the root systems in trees in the area continued to flare up despite firefighters’ efforts to tamp it down.

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The Maine Forest Service is investigating the cause of the fire, but it isn’t thought to be suspicious.

Cundy’s Harbor Fire Department received assistance from West Bath, Topsham, Richmond and Woolwich fire crews.

No firefighters have been injured fighting the fire.

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