100 Years Ago: 1922

Those who, not unnaturally, think of undertakers’ conventions are very serious occasions, devoted chiefly to a discussion of subjects in their profession, should read the announcement of what is to take place at that convention of the Maine Association in Augusta, August 8-10.

There will be discussions and business details, certain, but following a banquet at the Augusta House  we read there is to be a cabaret–a unique program by delightful young women who simply radiate good cheer. And one of them, among other women, is to present a “flirtatious character dance.”

A touch of novelty will be given. also, to the strict business of the convention, for we learn that on opening day “live models will display funeral gowns.

50 Years Ago: 1972

Debris from the Cushman-Hollis building is in the process of demolition, is being dumped in Dennison Street gully, an an area that will eventually be brought up to grade and scheduled to become a municipal park.


James Jolicoeur, Auburn city engineer, said debris from a total of 39 buildings including the big Cushman-Hollis building has been dumped into the gully and that this, together with the fill to be added later, will create a situation that could lead to a park being established there.

Jolicoeur said the entire area will be graded to conform to the grade of the surrounding land and that adequate clean fill will be added.

25 Years Ago: 1997

The old Lutheran church that stood near the entranceway to Central Maine Medical Center on Main Street is now a part of history On Monday, the hospital demolished the structure, which was the original site of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, so it could expand the entrance and create a “green area” where the church once stood.

The old church served as a landmark in the community and was close to the hearts of many people of German heritage, whose parents and grandparents helped build the structure.

This month marked the 75th anniversary of the setting of the cornerstone of the church, said the Rev. Marian Marks, pastor of Grace Evangelical, which is now located on Summer Street in Auburn.

Marks said it was sad for some members of the congregation to see the church be taken down at its original location, but they will move on. “For some people the building was the church, for others the building was just a building,” she said.

One longtime congregation member, Erna Schutt, who was 3 years old when the cornerstone was set, said it was no surprise to have the old church razed. “It’s the people, not the building.”

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