To the Editor:

Last week while eating an early dinner at Paris’s McDonald’s restaurant on my way to the weekly concert, I was surprised and elated by a 10-year-old gentleman. He was dining alone, and he got up from his seat to go to the check-out for a conversation with the attendant. Before I knew it, he was beside me, handing me a gift certificate!

He said he wanted me to have it. I was so surprised and thanked him so much. I invited him to sit with me and finish his dinner, which he did. We learned a lot about each other in that short time. It seems his bike had a flat tire and he was waiting for his mom to pick him up. It was one of the happiest meals I had ever eaten! Kudos to the parents for raising such a pleasant, kind, giving son.

I will always treasure that memory and will be sure to pay it forward, Bryce. Thank you again.

Charlene C. Ring



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