To the Editor:

Do you want to be inspired?  Chat for ten minutes with Tiffany Estabrook, and walk away with a whole new outlook on life!  She’s upbeat, fast on her feet, and will never retreat from a challenge.

I met Tiffany just six months ago, and we immediately started talking like we had known each other forever.  It’s clear she has intimate knowledge of businesses, social programs, and interesting people in our community.  At the State level, I personally watched her bring a case before the election ethics board and inspired critical changes to their guidelines.  I have seen her work with grace under pressure.

With select-person and budget committee experiences, she stands strong on Conservative values when the woke opposition spends wildly and wonders why we have higher taxes, fuel prices, and run-away inflation.  Now more than ever, we need Tiffany in the Maine House to represent Farmington and Chesterville.

Matt Martin



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