JAY — Two Spruce Mountain students were expelled for an unspecified period of time Thursday night, Aug. 11.

In seeking the motion to expel each student, Regional School Unit 73 Board Chair Robert Staples indicated the expulsion was “for behavior that was deliberately disobedient and disorderly and because expulsion is necessary for the peace and usefulness of the school. Furthermore, the Superintendent shall develop a re-entry plan for the student.”

Prior to the expulsions a closed door session was held with attorney Eric Herlan from Drummond and Woodsum to review the student expulsion process. Afterwards, another closed door session was held with Board members, Herlan, Student X and the parents/guardians. For parts of the session Spruce Mountain Middle School Principal Caroline Luce and Superintendent Scott Albert also took part. The vote to expel “Student X” then followed.

A similar procedure was followed for “Student Y”.

The vote for expulsion in each case was unanimous. Director Jodi Cordes was absent and student representative Ava Coates did not vote nor take part in the private discussions.

Albert indicated he couldn’t comment on whether the students were referred to Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education. The expulsions are open-ended, a re-entry plan will be needed, he noted.

In other business, Directors approved the $808 bid from Allen Adams for a bus that can’t be inspected. Albert said two bids had been received.

“It’s not worth it for scrapping, we would have to tear (the bus) apart,” Transportation Director Norma Jackman said.

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