The Old Town, Eskilstuna Sweden, oil painting by Henning Tornberg (1890-1983)

NORWAY — A common observation regarding artists points to the fact that some particular families produce many creative individuals. Examples of this are easy to come by: Pablo Picasso’s father was a professional artist and art professor and Picasso’s daughter Paloma is still renowned as an artist; Here in America, there were “the Painting Peales”, the family of early American painter Charles Willson Peale, and included Raphaelle Peale, considered to be America’s first professional still life painter and portraitist, Rembrandt Peale who is remembered for his portraits of luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson and  Sarah Miriam Peale, Charles’s granddaughter, is recognized as the first professional American woman artist. Even closer to home, we have the shining example of the Wyeths, who have influenced a century of art here in Maine.

“Generations”, an exhibit presented by the Western Maine Art Group, explores the concept of families with multiple generations of creative artists. Member artists will display their own artwork alongside pieces created by their family members. In some cases, the works show how one family member has influenced others, and in others, the works are brilliantly different in style and technique.

Among the current WMAG artists who will have their own and family works on display at the show will be Jo Thomas, Suzanne Hardy, Ulla Hansen, Barbara Traficonte, Madison Sheppard, Judson and Sandra Pealer, Judy Schneider, and Melanie Tornberg.

“Generations” will be on display at the Matolcsy Art Center from September 9 through September 24, with an opening reception on Friday, September 9 from 5-7 p.m. The Matolcsy Art Center is located at 480 Main Street, Norway.

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