To the Editor: 

Daniel Sipe is running to be the Representative to the Maine House for District 81 (Albany, Greenwood, Norway, Stoneham, Stow, Sweden, and Waterford).

Daniel was born and raised in Presque Isle, so he knows and cares about the things that matter to the people of Maine. One of those things is our economy. This would include creating good jobs so that the young people who are being educated by our tax dollars would remain in Maine rather than going elsewhere to share their talents.

Another concern of Daniel’s is protecting Maine’s natural environment, not only so that people will continue to come here for our natural beauty, but also so that our children can grow up in a healthy atmosphere with fresh air and clean water. As it is, Hobbs Pond in Norway, has already been posted for Toxic Algae, meaning that swimming there is unsafe, especially for young children and pets who might swallow the water. The pond was also posted last year, but this year it happened in July rather than in August.

Climate change is taking its toll on Maine. To a significant degree, the Maine economy is determined by winter sports, yet our winters are growing shorter. The Gulf of Maine is warming at an alarming rate, which has already begun to affect the fishing and lobstering industries. All of these are concerns that Daniel intends to keep at the forefront of conversations in the Maine House of Representatives.

Daniel also hopes to ensure that our students receive a world-class education. One of the key factors that young parents take into consideration when choosing a place to live is the quality of its schools. But more importantly, as Thomas Jefferson wrote, “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.” These past few years have certainly demonstrated how true that quote is.

If these are issues that matter to you, remember that not only are they not being addressed by our current Representative of House District 71; for the most part, they are being opposed.

Jason Trask

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