Berta Broomhal is settling into her new role as deputy chief of Med-Care Ambulance in Mexico. She has been with the service since 1991. Submitted photo

MEXICO — Berta Broomhall’s promotion to deputy chief at Med-Care Ambulance wasn’t without some slight misgivings, she said of the change.

She has been working for Med-Care since 1991, first as an advanced emergency technician and then as a paramedic in 2005. She gradually “stepped into” the deputy chief position in February, although it wasn’t official until the end of August.

Former Deputy Chief Paul Landry Jr. became director and chief in February after serving as acting director since March 2021. He took over from Dean Milligan.

“I do miss being on the ambulance also (for much) of the time, Broomhall said. “I don’t miss being on the trucks for 24-hour shifts, you know; that I don’t miss at all.”

The most significant change in her new role has been learning to stand back and “trust what the crews are doing.”

She will oversee the day-to-day operations of the crews.


“I kind of make sure that the crews are all set during the day,” she said, and will be available if they need coverage.

She’ll also stay up to date with her paramedic skills, continuing to work about one day a week for Bethel Ambulance and Rescue, where she has been employed for many years.

Broomhall received the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for her work as a paramedic from the State of Maine Emergency Medical Services. She said she was very proud and “very excited” to receive the award for her years of service, she said.

At 59 years old, she said she knows the crews “think of me as kind of like the mother, and I don’t mind that, because they respect me.”

“I know that they’re very respectful of me and I think that that makes it easy because they know that I have been in this service for a long time and so I do know what I am talking about,” Broomhall said.

Med-Care Ambulance in Mexico provides emergency medical services to 11 towns, all but one of them in Oxford County. There are about 62 employees, 15 of them full time. Their level of expertise ranges from emergency medical service, emergency medical technician, advanced medical technician to paramedic.

Landry said in an email to The Rumford Times on Thursday, “Med-Care would not be what it is today without the loyalty, dedication and overall love (Berta Broomhall) has for her chosen profession and Med-Care.

“Berta has been instrumental in researching, implementing and aiding with the growth of many advancements over the years,” he wrote. “She has a level of knowledge of all aspects of Med-Care Ambulance from the bottom to the top, as well as historical information about the organization that is invaluable.”

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