DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lisbon Falls Church of the Nazarene will celebrate fall with a ladies’ tea on Saturday, Oct. 1, at 11 a.m. All ladies older than 11 are invited to join us for lunch, door prizes and a short program detailing Operation Christmas Child.

The speaker will discuss how to fill a box, where they are sent and who receives the packages. The tea will be traditionally brewed in China tea pots and served in English China tea cups. It should be a fun and enjoyable time.

The church is at 184 Main St. in Lisbon Falls. If you have any questions, please call 207-353-2572. –Laural, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: After reading an article about local seniors being scammed, I wanted to tell my story about how I, too, came close to being one of these victims.

I received a telephone call that sounded exactly like my grandson. He said he needed financial help to get out of a scrape he found himself in. He was incarcerated and needed money to bail himself out of jail.

As described in the article I had read, he explained he had gotten involved in a serious car accident after drinking and was arrested for driver under the influence. He gave me a number to call his lawyer, who was taking charge of his situation and could provide further details of what would happen to my grandson and what I could do to help resolve his situation. I was also given an address in Massachusetts to overnight mail the $9,000 for bail.


I came  so close to wiring the necessary funds, but then I asked him a question only my grandchildren could answer.

As discussed with the grandkids when they were growing up, this question would be asked if they ever got into a situation where they needed help, and only they would know the answer. As  soon as I asked that question, the caller hung up.

I immediately called the Lisbon Police Department and was told they get three to four of these reports daily. I was one of the lucky ones who did not get scammed, thanks to this question I had devised with my grandchildren when they were growing up.

When I called my son and explained this entire ordeal to him, he chuckled and said he and his son were just leaving a restaurant after having lunch together. He added, “I’m really glad you didn’t fall for that scam.”—Roger, no town

ANSWER: I am always happy to spread the word about scammers, and this is one of the worst out there. Many loving grandparents fall prey to it daily.

Someone posing as her grandson called my mother a few years ago. Although she was rattled and unsure about the call, she said she would have “her other grandson, a New York state trooper,” call them back. That was the end of that.

I urge my readers to keep up with the latest news on scams. AARP is a great resource as is your local senior center. SeniorsPlus in Lewiston has a web site page with specific information about ongoing scams at Please familiarize yourself with this excellent information.

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