AUBURN — The Edward Little football parents’ group will soon begin hanging advertisements from sponsors around Walton Field to boost the program financially.

The School Committee approved the plan at its meeting Wednesday.

Sandy Irish, a member of the group, said the team has worked through hard times over the past few years, both in their win/loss record and financially. She described this season as a building year, with a new coach, increasing parent engagement and a new stadium to look forward to next season.

The parents’ group is aiming to raise a “lofty” $30,000 this year, Irish said, adding that parents have already raised a little over $22,000 from sponsorships in their athletic program booklet alone.

“We have a lot of equipment to replace right now,” Irish said, adding that new uniforms are the team’s biggest need. She’s hopeful the team will be able to order new uniforms in time for seniors to wear them in the Battle of the Bridges match against Lewiston at the end of the season.

Sponsorships will be renewed on an annually and start at $250.

Irish believes the football team’s sponsorship program can become a model for other teams and extracurricular programs aiming to raise more money.

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