I know it’s hard to believe for some of you, but not everyone uses social media to the extent that you might. Fortunately there are still those like myself who tire of looking at a computer screen. I do that for work, why would I want to do that on my off time? Also my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so I prefer print as opposed to anything you’re trying to show me on your phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see what’s going on with my family and friends via the social media sites, but only a small percentage of the time. One can only scroll so much.

In addition, I also like to know what’s going on with my neighbors, some of whom I have never met. I’m happy for their good news. Did your family member get married in our beautiful area? I’d love to share it. Did your little one go hunting for the first time? Send me the info. Did you make some type of new bird feeder? Maybe I should attempt the same. A new baby addition to the family? What wonderful news!

So, please continue to share your happy photos with your good news newspaper. I promise, there a bunch of folks who really appreciate it. Almost every week I get folks calling me for back issues so they can frame or scrapbook what goes to print. I think of the Rangeley Highlander as an ongoing history of our community and I’m really grateful for it. I hope you are too.

The following are some good old-fashioned happy snapshots that I am grateful were shared with me.


Birch Adkins brought the caterpillar seen here into his third grade class at Rangeley Lakes Regional School. Students then learned the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Fortunately they were present to witness the transformation to a monarch butterfly when hatched in Mrs. Morton’s classroom on September 21st. Later that day they let it go on the playground. (Oh the joys of being a child and the new wonders of nature!)


Students gather as butterfly is released.

Students for RLRS also got a taste of golf at Mingo Spring Golf Course. Physical Education/Health teacher Lindsay Richards pulled back recently retired Tim Straub for assistance. As you can see, it was a beautiful day and he had a blast. Even in his short absence he confided he really misses the kids.

After over 30 years in business, Priscilla and Brian St. Louis of Sunrise View Farms got their first ever request for a visit from a garden club. It was flattering to be appreciated enough for a prescheduled tour. Priscilla said “It was a small but big deal to us.” After the tour the Bucksport Garden Club enjoyed coffee and homemade blueberry pumpkin bread ala Priscilla. (I’m thinking I want a tour…)

Bucksport Garden Club tours gardens at Sunrise View Farm.


Along with the variety of apple trees, they also have some wonderful pumpkins. Seen here Birch Adkins making memories at his grandparents.

That’s one cute little pumpkin.

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