Now, I am the type of person who usually gathers stuff.  When I say stuff, it is indeed stuff. This is something my grandfather used to do. It was once said, “if a junk dealer came to his place, they would leave empty”.   I am not quite that bad, but there is stuff out there I have held onto for over 30 years just because I might need it someday. I did throw stuff away one day and discovered I needed it that next week. So I usually just throw it into a corner somewhere and forget where I put it. I even might go as far to forget I even had it, what ever it was. But I tell ya folks, and this is no lie. If I should pick it up, I can name what it is and where it came from. Maybe that is why I forget just what I went down cellar for. The ole mind is cluttered with such rich information I forget useless stuff. Now, as some of you know, I make stuff.  I like calling it art or projects. These I usually just give away. If I didn’t, my house would soon get cluttered with these projects. The one good thing about these projects is how useful they just may be. If I should run out of wood and I was cold, got stuff to burn. I may not have much money to burn, but I have stuff to keep me warm.  My grandmother once told me, “If it makes smoke, it makes heat”.   So I just accept the fact, I can make another table or desk or whatever. For the moment, I will be warm. That is all that matters at that time of year.  I know I can go out into the forest and find more unique sticks to make another one. But, that isn’t the idea behind this little story.  At our age, we all think about what is going to happen with this stuff once we cross into that other realm of life. I know I have things out there in my shed that only I know from whence they came and if they have any value. Well, it has value if you need it but I will no longer need it one day. So, it is time to be nice to my friends and relatives and thin out my collection of almost usable articles. I did take six things to the transfer station the other day and was quite pleased with myself. I was indeed thinning out my collection. I came to the realization, that I just could have fixed that tv and I should not have thrown it out so quickly. It was only a 50 inch wide screen and just needed one tiny part. I had to almost tie myself to a post to prevent myself from retrieving that tv. I did go to the transfer station the next day and just turned my head away from that door where the tv was waiting for me. Nope, I am not going to take it back, but I will not bring that other non-functioning tv here until I am sure I can’t fix it. So here we go about giving stuff away that I am not going to need any longer. I just finished making out one of those living will things and named a few people that might be interested in my gatherings. Oh, there is actually a couple of things worth $10 or more. I am sure there is more worth less than that. So, I decided who would have the honor to clean house for me. Well anyway, I thought I would ask around to see who wants what. You see, I am not going to need this ole body anymore. My toes are bent and crooked. Some have been broken a time or two, so those might as well go somewhere else. My ankles and knees are still working good so if ya all need those, just give a holler. There are other body joints that tend to be a bit un-cooperative so just put those with the toes. But I still have a sharp tongue and a good brain. It may be a bit dirty and dusty in some corners, but ya all welcome to that if ya want it. I do have a couple of middle fingers that rise to the occasion if you think you could use those, just give a holler. Now, as far as the basic body goes, I have been told I was full of it. What ever that means, so ya all might not want that. I used to have a good caring kind heart, but that has been stepped on and broken a couple of many times. I wouldn’t suggest any of you folks take an interest in collecting that. It’s getting kind of cold and acting more like a stone now a days. But there will be a time when I will not need it anymore. Well, if you folks think ya would need any of this for spare parts just give a holler. All I ask is that you don’t just throw the parts into a corner somewhere and forget them. If you think you can use them, by all  means let us know. You just can’t have them until I am really done with them. This is sort of a serious story, and you fine folks may just think about your collection of junk. You either need to get rid of it now, or write down somewhere who has the task of throwing it all out. I sure in heck am not going to throw much away again.  I just may need that left hand screw that came from that old Ford I had back in “69.  One never knows, one never knows.  KW mountainman  collector of ole bargains.

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