To the Editor:

Two Fayette public hearing questions are on the ballot are of interest to supporters of Starling Hall. Below here is the Town of Fayette Notice regarding the October 4 and 18 Public Hearing dates for discussion of the November 8 Ballot questions. The hearings begin at at 7 p.m., at Fayette Central School. As there are two ballot questions of considerable importance to the renovation and security of Starling Hall, we want to be certain you are aware of these dates.

Question 2 asks approval for our Board of Selectmen to appropriate $500,000, obtained through borrowing via a general obligation bond, and the money would only be used if a grant were received. This amount will make the Town eligible for Federal matching grants to complete renovations of Starling Hall.  Without these matching funds the Town and FOSH are not eligible for the grants we are seeking.

Question 3 asks for an okay to use $8,000 of Undesignated Fund monies to reinstall a basic security system in Starling Hall. These funds will be used to reactivate the fire alarms, emergency lighting and exit lights which were required by the Fire Marshal’s office before public use of the building in 2006. Proper Security is very necessary to protect all renovations made to date and for the safety of the new kitchen appliances provided by donors.

Lori Beaulieu


Joseph Young



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