I am exhausted from the noise and chaos of the bipartisan bickering which has taken over political debate.

I am interested in good government. Both parties raise money to perpetuate their own existence, driving us ever further apart.

In Maine, we have long had the answer — independent candidates. Kent Ackley, who is running for representative of Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales, is a proven problem solver.

As an independent, he’s funded by $5 donations from people in his district. No debts or commitments to either party.

As selectman, he funded an investigation into the forever chemicals in North Monmouth and is trying to resolve recycling bottlenecks at local transfer stations. Kent engineered construction of a new boat launch on Annabessacook Lake to increase access, as well as leading an effort to stop Quebec from funneling millions into the Central Maine Power corridor.

For practical solutions to local problems, I hope people vote Kent Ackley.

Dori Burnham, Monmouth

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